The Uplink Activity Center
Featuring the channels currently uplinked to DISH Network's consumer satellite system. This site is not owned or connected to DISH Network.

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Complete Channel Lists
Channels 1-999 with mapdowns (except local channels)
Channels 1000-9999 (except local channels)

Local Channels (by market - simple list)
Includes OTA EPG data channels for each market.

The Eastern Arc - All channels on eastern arc satellites (61.5 / 72.7 / 77)

Special Satellite Channel Lists
Alaskan Channels Hawaiian Channels Puerto Rico Channels
Includes national channels physically receiveable in each location.
(ConUS channels reaching each area and spotbeams aimed at Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.)
Channel Lists by Satellite / Transponder
Channels on 119 Channels on 110 Channels on 129
Channels on 61.5 Channels on 72.7
Channels on 118 Channels on 121 Channels on 148
Includes all channels, transponders and spotbeams. Files may be extremely large.
119-110-129 comprise "Western Arc". 61.5-72.7 comprise "Eastern Arc".
118 is receivable on a "Plus" dish. 121 is used for business channels. There is no satellite at 148.

*** All lists updated daily at approximately 6:30am ET ***

Transition of locals: Echostar 12 to Echostar 16. See the summary here.
Information and commentary on the reference EPG flip flop is here.
The files on this page were created based on the contents of the "service description table" broadcast by DISH Network via their satellite system. This table provides information about every channel in the system regardless of subscription status and availability (or actual presence). Selected information has been redacted from the output. Actual content on or presence of any of the channels listed is not guaranteed. Channel names, TV station cities and affiliation added.

DISH Network operates as a subscription satellite service. Purchase or lease of a DISH Network receiver is required to view DISH Network programming along with payment of a monthly subscription fee. For more information, visit DISH Network's official website at

Unauthorized reception of DISH Network progamming is a violation of federal law.