The Uplink Activity Center
Featuring the channels currently uplinked to DISH Network's consumer satellite system. This site is not owned or connected to DISH Network.
513 121TP 13121.0W 12.39896 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
6816UP5 HNo EPG 

515 121TP 15121.0W 12.42812 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
998BTV Business TVPFull EPG 
9622BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9629BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9633BB&T Business TV (BB&T)Full EPG 
9635WFSP Business TV (WFSP)Full EPG 
9640WELLS Business TV (Wells Fargo)Full EPG 

516 121TP 16121.0W 12.44270 L SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
9650HDBTV HD Business TVFull EPG 

517 121TP 17121.0W 12.45728 R SR: 20000 1/2 FEC QPSK DVB-S
9651HDBT2 HD Business TVFull EPG 

521 121TP 21121.0W 12.51560 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
5711NIT-H FNo EPG 
5712NIT-V FNo EPG 
5713NIT-M FNo EPG 
5715D101 DISH 101FFull EPG 
9584D121 121 Test ChannelfreeFFull EPG 
36852DNL11 DATANo EPG 
36854DNL10 DATAPresent/Next EPG 
36855DNL7 DATAPresent/Next EPG 
36857DNL6 DATAPresent/Next EPG 
36861EPG EPGPresent/Next EPGEPGSubchannel EPG Channel

523 121TP 23121.0W 12.54476 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
9630BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9631BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9632WFMOH Business TV (WFMOH) - AudioFull EPG 
30200PPP No EPG 
Created 3/20/2018 6:35 AM