The Uplink Activity Center
Featuring the channels currently uplinked to DISH Network's consumer satellite system. This site is not owned or connected to DISH Network.
513 121TP 13121.0W 12.39896 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
6816UP5 HNo EPG 

515 121TP 15121.0W 12.42812 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
6809UP4 HNo EPG 

516 121TP 16121.0W 12.44270 L SR: 20000 1/2 FEC QPSK DVB-S
9995X2HET C8HFull EPG 
9996X2M4T HFull EPG 

517 121TP 17121.0W 12.45728 R SR: 20000 1/2 FEC QPSK DVB-S
9650HDBTV HD Business TVFull EPG 
9651HDBT2 HD Business TVFull EPG 

521 121TP 21121.0W 12.51560 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
998BTV Business TVPFull EPG 
5711NIT-H FNo EPG 
5712NIT-V FNo EPG 
5713NIT-M FNo EPG 
5715D101 DISH 101FFull EPG 
9584D121 121 Test ChannelfreeFFull EPG 
9622BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9629BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9630BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9631BTV Business TVFull EPG 
9632WFMOH Business TV (WFMOH) - AudioFull EPG 
9633BB&T Business TV (BB&T)Full EPG 
9635WFSP Business TV (WFSP)Full EPG 
9640WELLS Business TV (Wells Fargo)Full EPG 
30200PPP No EPG 
36852DNL11 DATANo EPG 
36854DNL10 DATAPresent/Next EPG 
36855DNL7 DATAPresent/Next EPG 
36857DNL6 DATAPresent/Next EPG 
36861EPG EPGPresent/Next EPGEPGSubchannel EPG Channel

523 121TP 23121.0W 12.54476 R SR: 20000 3/4 FEC QPSK DVB-S
6810UP4 HNo EPG 
Created 4/20/2018 6:37 AM