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DISH Network Channel List - Hawaii
Including all ConUS channels on 110, 119 and spotbeams potentially reaching Hawaii.
Including all mapdowns except local channels.
DISH subscription required.

Channel Types - =HD, =SD, =SD for ViP receivers, =Audio, =Video on Demand, =Interactive TV
Availability - =Available (to some customer group), =Available (limited availability), =Not Available (internal testing)
Other Flags - F=Free, P=Preview, H=Hidden from non subscribers, R=Regional Restrictions, D=DRM flagged, O=Instant Order
Number after each satellite is the transponder number followed by the spot beam number (if a spotbeam).

1VOD1Video On Demand H 110°21
70-00DNFYILocal Mapdown - DISH FYI5739 H 119°14(Channel Map)
71-00QVCLocal Mapdown - Quality Value Choice137 P O 110°9(Channel Map)
72-00VALULocal Mapdown - (Infomercials)104 P 119°16(Channel Map)
73-00QVC3Local Mapdown - (Advertising)9646 P 110°10(Channel Map)
74HSNHome Shopping Network HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
74-00HSNLocal Mapdown - Home Shopping Network287 P O 110°16(Channel Map)
81-00ICTVLocal Mapdown - (Infomercials)9532 P 119°16(Channel Map)
82-00FETVLocal Mapdown - Family Entertainment TV9642 P 110°10(Channel Map)
83-00JTVLocal Mapdown - (Shopping Channel)227 P O 110°10(Channel Map)
84-00BUYTVLocal Mapdown - 9458 H 110°9(Channel Map)
85-00EPICLocal Mapdown - (Infomercials)224 P O 110°10(Channel Map)
86-00MALLLocal Mapdown - (Shopping)123 P 110°10(Channel Map)
87-00SMARTLocal Mapdown - (Advertising)9643 P 119°12(Channel Map)
88-00SHPLCLocal Mapdown - The Liquidation Channel274 H 110°2(Channel Map)
94-00RENEWLocal Mapdown - (Advertising)9644 P 110°10(Channel Map)
95-00DEALLocal Mapdown - (Advertising)9645 P 110°10(Channel Map)
99SXMSirius/XM Music ChannelsEPG HD 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
99-01INFOInfo Channel6001 H 110°2
99-02SXM02Sirius/XM Hits 16002 D 119°18
99-04SXM04Sirius/XM PitBull Globalization6004 D 119°16
99-05SXM05Sirius/XM 50s on 56005 D 119°21
99-06SXM06Sirius/XM 60s on 66006 D 119°21
99-07SXM07Sirius/XM 70s on 76007 D 119°21
99-08SXM08Sirius/XM 80s on 86008 D 119°18
99-09SXM09Sirius/XM 90s on 96009 D 119°17
99-10SXM10Sirius/XM Pop2K6010 D 119°16
99-14SXM14Sirius/XM Coffee House6014 D P 119°17
99-15SXM15Sirius/XM The Pulse6015 D 119°14
99-16SXM16Sirius/XM The Blend6016 D 119°14
99-19SXM19Sirius/XM Elvis Radio6019 D 119°17
99-20SXM20Sirius/XM E Street Radio6020 D 119°20
99-21SXM21Sirius/XM Underground Garage6021 D 119°17
99-22SXM22Sirius/XM Pearl Jam Radio6022 D 119°12
99-23SXM23Sirius/XM The Grateful Dead6023 D 119°17
99-24SXM24Sirius/XM Radio Margaritaville6024 D 119°20
99-25SXM25Sirius/XM Classic Rewind6025 D 119°20
99-26SXM26Sirius/XM Classic Vinyl6026 D 119°18
99-27SXM27Sirius/XM Deep Tracks6027 D 119°12
99-28SXM28Sirius/XM Spectrum6028 D 119°12
99-29SXM29Sirius/XM Jam_ON6029 D 119°17
99-30SXM30Sirius/XM The Loft6030 D 119°17
99-32SXM32Sirius/XM The Bridge6032 D 119°17
99-33SXM33Sirius/XM 1st Wave6033 D 119°17
99-34SXM34Sirius/XM Lithium6034 D 119°17
99-35SXM35Sirius/XM XMU6035 D 119°18
99-36SXM36Sirius/XM Alt Nation6036 D 119°18
99-37SXM37Sirius/XM Octane6037 D 119°12
99-38SXM38Sirius/XM Ozzy's Boneyard6038 D 119°12
99-39SXM39Sirius/XM Hair Nation6039 D 119°17
99-40SXM40Sirius/XM Liquid Metal6040 D 119°18
99-41SXM41Sirius/XM Faction6041 D 119°18
99-42SXM42Sirius/XM The Joint6042 D 119°12
99-43SXM43Sirius/XM BackSpin6043 D 119°20
99-44SXM44Sirius/XM Hip-Hop Nation6044 D 119°18
99-45SXM45Sirius/XM Shade 456045 D 119°17
99-46SXM46Sirius/XM The Heat6046 D 119°17
99-47SXM47Sirius/XM FLY6047 D 119°16
99-48SXM48Sirius/XM Heart & Soul6048 D 119°17
99-49SXM49Sirius/XM Soul Town6049 D P 119°17
99-50SXM50Sirius/XM The Groove6050 D 119°16
99-51SXM51Sirius/XM BPM6051 D 119°17
99-52SXM52Sirius/XM Electric Area6052 D 119°17
99-53SXM53Sirius/XM Chill6053 D 119°18
99-54SXM54Sirius/XM Studio 54 Radio6054 D 119°20
99-55SXM55Sirius/XM Utopia6055 D 119°16
99-56SXM56Sirius/XM The Highway6056 D 119°18
99-57SXM57Sirius/XM Y2Kountry6057 D 119°18
99-58SXM58Sirius/XM Prime Country6058 D P 119°12
99-59SXM59Sirius/XM Willie's Roadhouse6059 D 119°17
99-60SXM60Sirius/XM Outlaw Country6060 D 119°17
99-62SXM62Sirius/XM Music6062 D 119°17
99-63SXM63Sirius/XM The Message6063 D P 119°20
99-64SXM64Sirius/XM Praise6064 D 119°17
99-65SXM65Sirius/XM enLignten6065 D 119°17
99-66SXM66Sirius/XM Watercolors6066 D 119°18
99-67SXM67Sirius/XM Real Jazz6067 D 119°17
99-68SXM68Sirius/XM Spa6068 D 119°18
99-69SXM69Sirius/XM Escape6069 D 119°17
99-70SXM70Sirius/XM BB King's Bluesville6070 D 119°17
99-71SXM71Sirius/XM Siriusly Sinatra6071 D 119°17
99-72SXM72Sirius/XM On Broadway6072 D 119°18
99-73SXM73Sirius/XM 40s Junction6073 D 119°17
99-74SXM74Sirius/XM Met Opera Radio6074 D 119°18
99-75SXM75Sirius/XM Pops6075 D 119°17
99-76SXM76Sirius/XM Symphony Hall6076 D P 119°18
99-91SXM91Sirius/XM (147) Viva6091 D 119°16
99-93INFOInfo Channel6093 H 110°2
99-94SXM94Sirius/XM (151) Aguila6094 D 119°16
99-95SXM95Sirius/XM (150) Caliente6095 D 119°16
99-96SXM96Sirius/XM (523) Caricia6096 D 119°16
100MULTIDISH Multiview (Interactive)xip P 110°7
HOMEDISH Home (Interactive) F 110°8
101D101DISH 101free F 119°14
102STDIODISH Studio Channel P 119°14
103PREVWFree Preview Announcements P 110°21
HOPRPT HD Mapdown - Hopper How To9590xip F 110°7(HD Channel Map)
104VALU(Infomercials)(72-00) P 119°16(Channel Map)
105USAUSA Network D O 119°12
USAHD Mapdown - USA Network9431 HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
USAHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4105 HD 119°15
USAHD Mapdown - USA Network4302 HRD 119°15
USAHD Mapdown - USA Network4430 HRD 119°15
106TVLNDTV Land O 119°21
107CMDYComedy Central O 119°14
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9485 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - Comedy Central On Demand25009 H 119°13Network(cmdy) (Channel Map)
CMDYHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4304 HR 129°2s55
108LIFELifetime O 119°12
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9470 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
LIFEHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4303 HR 129°2s55
109LMNLifetime Movie Network O 110°2
LMNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9471 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
LMNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4305 HR 129°2s55
110FOODFood Channel O 119°14
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9462 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
FOODHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4306 HR 129°2s55
111DIYDo It Yourself O 110°5
DIYHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9527 HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
DIYHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4111 H 110°19
DIYHD Mapdown - Do It Yourself4422 HR 110°19
DIYHD Mapdown - Do It Yourself4465 HR 110°19
112HGTVHome & Garden TV O 119°14
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9461 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
HGTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4307 HR 129°2s55
113COOKCooking Channel O 110°5
COOKHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9447 HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
COOKHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4113 H 110°19
COOKHD Mapdown - Cooking Channel4354 H 110°19
COOKHD Mapdown - Cooking Channel4433 HR 110°19
114E!E! Entertainment TV O 119°21
E!HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9474 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
E!HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4412 HR 129°6s55
115NOTAXNo Satellite Tax Channel HR 119°18
116GMSHWGame Show Channel O 119°16
GMSHWHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9448 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
117POPPop TV 119°21
POPHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9427 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
118A&EA&E O 119°21
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9419 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
A&EHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4308 HR 129°4s55
119FYIFYI Channel O 110°5
FYIHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9443 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
FYIHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4309 HR 119°4sA28
120HISTHistory Channel O 119°18
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9491 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - History On Demand25004 H 119°13Network(hist) (Channel Map)
HISTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4310 HR 129°4s55
121VICEViceland O 110°1
VICEHD Mapdown - Viceland9525 H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
VICEHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4121 H 110°22
VICEHD Mapdown - Viceland4419 HR 110°22
VICEHD Mapdown - Viceland4460 HR 110°22
122SYFYSyFy Channel D O 110°8
SYFYHD Mapdown - SyFy Channel9432 HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
SYFYHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4122 HD 119°15
SYFYHD Mapdown - SyFy Channel4311 HRD 119°15
SYFYHD Mapdown - SyFy Channel4439 HRD 119°15
123MALL(Shopping)(86-00) P 110°10(Channel Map)
124BETBlack Entertainment TV O 119°18
BETHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9510 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
BETHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4312 HR 129°6s55
125FXXFXX D O 110°1
FXXHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9520 HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
FXXHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4149 HD 110°19
126SUNDSundance 119°12
SUNDHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9588 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
127OXYGNOxygen O 119°21
128WEWomen's Entertainment O 119°14
WEHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9578 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
129BRAVOBravo D O 119°18
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9492 HRD 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
BRAVOHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4313 HRD 129°4s55
 Popup 19903 -
130HDNMVHD Net Movies 110°21(Popup 19903)
HDNMVHD Mapdown - HD Net Movies9423 O 119°15(Popup 19903) (HD Channel Map)
HDNMVHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4283 H 119°15
HDNMVHD Mapdown - HD Net Movies4484 HR 119°15
131AMCAmerican Movie Classics O 119°17
AMCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9417 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
AMCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4351 HR 129°4s55
132TCMTurner Classic Movies O 119°12
TCMHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9523 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
TCMHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4417 HR 119°1sA27
133IFCIndependent Film Channel O 110°1
IFCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9587 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
134SHPHQShopHQ P 119°14
135BBCABBC America O 119°14
BBCAHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9450 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
BBCAHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4418 HR 119°1sA27
136FXFX D O 119°21
FXHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9475 HRD 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - FX On Demand25008 H 119°13Network(fx) (Channel Map)
FXHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4314 HRD 129°2s55
137QVCQuality Value Choice(71-00) P O 110°9(Channel Map)
QVCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9428 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
138TNTTNT O 119°18
TNTHD Mapdown - TNT9420 H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
TNTHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4138 H 119°15
TNTHD Mapdown - TNT4315 HR 119°15
TNTHD Mapdown - TNT4443 HR 119°15
139TBSTBS O 119°14
TBSHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9499 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
TBSHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4316 HR 129°6s55
140ESPNESPN D O 119°14
ESPNHD Mapdown - ESPN9424 HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - ESPN On Demand25012 H 119°13Network(espn) (Channel Map)
ESPNHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4140 HD 119°15
ESPNHD Mapdown - ESPN4317 HRD 119°15
ESPNHD Mapdown - ESPN4445 HRD 119°15
141ESPNUESPN U D 119°17
ESPNUHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9531 HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
ESPNUHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4141 HD 110°19
142ESNWSESPNews D O 119°17
ESNWSHD Mapdown - ESPNews9530 HRD 110°22(HD Channel Map)
ESNWSHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4142 HD 110°22
143ESPN2ESPN 2 D O 119°14
ESPN2HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9425 HRD 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
ESPN2HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4319 HRD 129°6s55
144ESPNAESPN Alternate D 110°24
145ESPNAESPN Alternate D 110°24
146ESPNAESPN Alternate HD 110°24
147ESPNAESPN Alternate HD 110°24
149FOXS2Fox Sports 2 D O 110°2
150FOXS1Fox Sports 1 D O 119°17
FOXS1HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9468 HRD 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
FOXS1HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4320 HRD 129°6s55
151HDLNSxip P 110°7
152MLBNMLB Network 119°16
MLBNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9434 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
FINDRLocal Mapdown - 25006 H 119°13(Channel Map)
MLBNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4370 HR 129°4s55
153MLBSZMLB Network Strike Zone 119°16
MLBSZPT HD Mapdown - MLB Network Strike Zone9472 119°15(HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19916 -
154NFLNFL Network O 119°16(Popup 19916)
NFLHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9426 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
NFLHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4323 HR 129°6s55
 Popup 19917 -
155NFLRZNFL Network Red Zone O 110°15(Popup 19917)
NFLRZPT HD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4155 H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
NFLRZPT HD Mapdown - NFL Network Red Zone9467 119°15(Popup 19917) (HD Channel Map)
156NBATVNBA TV 110°8
NBATVHD Mapdown - NBA TV9508 H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
NBATVHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4102 H 119°15
157NHLNNHL Network 110°2
NHLNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9540 HR 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
NHLNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4359 HR 119°3sA27
158CBSSNCBS Sports Network O 110°5
CBSSNHD Mapdown - CBS Sports Network9495 H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
CBSSNHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4152 H 119°15
CBSSNHD Mapdown - CBS Sports Network4322 HR 119°15
159NBCSPNBC Sports Network O 110°21
NBCSPHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9466 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
NBCSPHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4321 HR 119°1sA27
160MTVMTV O 119°12
MTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9484 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
MTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4324 HR 129°2s55
161MTV2MTV2 O 119°21
162VH1VH-1 O 119°12
VH1HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9507 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
VH1HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4325 HR 129°6s55
163MTVCLMTV Classic O 110°21
164FUSEFuse 119°12
FUSEHD Mapdown - Fuse9589 HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
FUSEHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4164 H 110°13
165GACGreat American Country O 110°8
GACHD Mapdown - Great American Country9618 H 110°13(HD Channel Map)
166CMTCountry Music TV O 119°14
CMTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9493 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
CMTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4326 HR 119°1sA27
167AXSAXS TV O 110°2
AXSHD Mapdown - AXS TV9422 110°22(HD Channel Map)
AXSHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4262 H 110°22
AXSHD Mapdown - AXS TV4360 HR 110°22
AXSHD Mapdown - AXS TV4485 HR 110°22
168DISJRDisney Jr D 119°21
169NKJRNick Jr O 119°21
170NICKNickelodeon O 119°16
NICKHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9416 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
NICKHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4328 HR 129°4s55
171NICKWNickelodeon West O 119°16
172DISEDisney (East) D O 119°21
DISEHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9557 HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
DISEHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4172 HD 110°19
173DISWDisney (West) D O 119°21
174DISXDDisney XD D O 119°21
175BOOMBoomerang O 119°21
176TOONCartoon Network O 119°16
TOONHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9463 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
TOONHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4331 HR 129°2s55
177TOONWCartoon Network West 110°5
178NICKTNicktoons O 119°21
179DISCFDiscovery Family O 110°16
DISCFHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9494 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
180FRFMFreeform D O 119°18
FRFMHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9558 HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
FRFMHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4180 HD 110°19
181TNCKTeen Nick 119°21
182DISCDiscovery Channel O 119°21
DISCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9487 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
DISCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4333 HR 129°2s55
183TLCThe Learning Channel O 119°14
TLCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9488 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
TLCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4334 HR 129°2s55
184APLAnimal Planet O 119°18
APLHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9489 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
APLHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4335 HR 119°1sA27
185HLMRKHallmark Channel O 110°16
HLMRKHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9482 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
HLMRKHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4421 HR 129°6s55
186HLMKDHallmark Drama H 110°9
187HMMHallmark Movies and Mysteries O 110°1
HMMHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9444 HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
HMMHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4187 H 110°19
HMMHD Mapdown - Hallmark Movies and Mysteries4337 HR 110°19
HMMHD Mapdown - Hallmark Movies and Mysteries4467 HR 110°19
188UPUplifting Entertainment O 110°8
UPHD Mapdown - Uplifting Entertainment9464 H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
189OWNOprah Winfrey Network O 119°17
OWNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9433 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
OWNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4349 HR 129°2s55
190NATGWNational Geographic Wild D O 110°5
NATGWHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9445 HRD 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
NATGWHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4413 HRD 129°4s55
191ZLVNGZ Living HR O 110°13
192IDInvestigation Discovery O 110°9
IDHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9526 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
IDHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4348 HR 119°1sA27
193SCIScience Channel O 110°5
SCIHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9490 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
SCIHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4338 HR 119°1sA27
194AMERIDestination America O 110°9
AMERIHD Mapdown - Destination America9457 H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
AMERIHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4194 H 110°22
AMERIHD Mapdown - Destination America4339 HR 110°22
AMERIHD Mapdown - Destination America4449 HR 110°22
195AHCAmerican Heroes Channel O 119°21
AHCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9570 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
196TRVThe Travel Channel O 119°14
TRVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9437 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
TRVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4346 HR 129°4s55
197NTGEONational Geographic D O 110°5
NTGEOHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9429 HRD 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - National Geographic On Demand25011 H 119°13Network(ntgo) (Channel Map)
NTGEOHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4336 HRD 129°6s55
198GLLRY H 110°21
199SCAPE HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii
200CNNCNN O 119°16
CNNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9436 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
CNNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4342 HR 129°4s55
201NOTAXNo Satellite Tax Channel HR 110°2
202HLNCNN Headline News O 119°16
HLNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9524 HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
HLNHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4202 H 110°19
203BITVBloomberg Interactive TV O 110°21
BITVHD Mapdown - Bloomberg Interactive TV9503 HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
BITVHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4203 H 110°13
205FXNWSFox News O 119°21
FXNWSHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9477 HR 129°2s55(HD Channel Map)
FXNWSHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4340 HR 129°2s55
206FOXBFOX Business News O 110°8
FOXBHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9476 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
FOXBHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4341 HR 119°4sA28
207HDLNSxip P 110°7
208CNBCCNBC D O 119°12
CNBCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9439 HRD 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
CNBCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4343 HRD 129°6s55
209MSNBCMSNBC D O 119°14
MSNBCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9511 HRD 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
MSNBCHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4344 HRD 129°6s55
210CSPANCSPAN 110°16
211CSPN2CSPAN 2 119°16
213WEATIWeather (Interactive) H 119°14
LNLocal Mapdown - 25021 H 110°21(Channel Map)
214WEATHThe Weather Channel O 119°14
WEATHHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9438 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
WEATHHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4345 HR 129°4s55
215WNWeather Nation 110°21
WNHD Mapdown - Weather Nation9653 H 110°13(HD Channel Map)
WNHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4213 H 110°13
WNHD Mapdown - Weather Nation4352 HR 110°13
WNHD Mapdown - Weather Nation4476 HR 110°13
217GRITGrit 110°16
218FOLKFolk TV H 110°8
219AMVOAmerica's Voice H 110°9
220MALL(Shopping) P O 110°10
221CRAFT(Shopping) P 110°10
SPREELocal Mapdown - 25016 H 110°13(Channel Map)
222SHPLCThe Liquidation Channel H 110°2
223RENEW(Infomercials) 110°10
224EPIC(Infomercials)(85-00) P O 110°10(Channel Map)
225SALE(Infomercials) P 119°14
226HSN2Home Shopping Network 2 P O 110°10
227JTV(Shopping Channel)(83-00) P O 110°10(Channel Map)
228YOUTVEVINE Live (Shopping) P 110°10
229GEMS(Shopping Channel) P 110°10
230ICTV(Infomercials) P 119°16
231RFDTVRFD TV O 110°21
RFDTVHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9449 HR 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
232COWBYCowboy TV 119°12
233KTLA(Superstation) H 119°20
234WPIX(Superstation) H 119°20
235KWGN(Superstation) H 119°20
236WSBK(Superstation) H 119°20
237LAFFLaff TV 110°10
238WWOR(Superstation) HD 119°20
239WGNWGN America O 119°18
WGNHD Mapdown - WGN America9446 H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
WGNHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4239 H 119°15
WGNHD Mapdown - WGN America4347 HR 119°15
WGNHD Mapdown - WGN America4475 H 119°15
240JUSTCJustice Central TV H 110°9
241PARAMParamount Network O 119°16
PARAMHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9506 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
PARAMHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4327 HR 129°6s55
242TRUTru TV O 119°18
TRUHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9430 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
TRUHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4416 HR 119°1sA27
243FMFM O 119°16
244SHPHQShopHQ H 119°14
245BUZZRBuzzer 110°21
 Popup 19904 -
246MTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9421 HR O 110°19 HR 129°16s55(Popup 19904) (HD Channel Map)
MTHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4264 H 110°19
MTHD Mapdown - MotorTrend TV4483 HR 110°19
247METVMeTV HR 110°21
248RIDERide TV H 119°17
249CICrime & Investigation O 110°22(Popup 19904)
CIHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4287 H 110°22
250IONION 119°21
251BETHRBET Her HR O 110°13(Popup 19904)
252INFOTrue Crime D O 110°16
253COZIEl Rey H 110°10
254LOGOLOGO TV HR O 110°13(Popup 19904)
LOGOHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4270 H 110°13
255QVC2QVC Plus P 110°10
256BIBLEShepherd’s Chapel 110°21
257SBNSonlife Broadcasting Network P 110°21
258HILLSThe Hillsong Channel O 110°5
259INSPInspirational TV P 119°21
260TBNTBN 110°16
261EWTNEternal World TV 110°16
263DYSTRDaystar O 119°20
265VICTRBeliever's Voice of Victory 110°21
267CTNChristian TV Network 110°16
268IMPCTThe Impact Network 119°20
 Popup 19908 -
270UNVSNUnivision R O 119°18(Popup 19908)
UNVSNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9521 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
UNVSNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4350 HR 119°1sA27
271UNIMEUniMás (East) R O 110°1
273GLVSNGalavision O 119°12(Popup 19908)
274SHPLCThe Liquidation Channel(88-00) H 110°2(Channel Map)
275YOUTV(Shopping) P 110°10
276SMART(Shopping) P 119°12
277RENEW(Infomercials) 110°10
278DEAL(Infomercials) P 110°10
279CGTNNChina Global Television Network News 110°16
280RTRussia Today (USA) 119°14
281BBCWNBBC World News 119°20
282VALU(Infomercials) P 119°16
283NEWSYNewsy H 110°2
284RECTVRecipe TV H 110°9
285DOGTVDog TV O 110°21
286NASANASA TV 110°16
287HSNHome Shopping Network(74-00) P O 110°16(Channel Map)
HSNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9465 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
289COMETComet TV H 110°16
290STRMSEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
291START H 110°1
292EPXDREpix Drive-In D O 119°18
293HERICHeroes & Icons HR 110°1
296VODOn Demand LibraryEPG H 110°21Subchannel EPG Channel
296-01ACORN 'acrn'25068 H 110°22Network(acrn)
296-03AMC+ 'amc+'25069 H 110°22Network(amc+)
296-08CINF 'vccf'25048 H 119°13Network(vccf)
296-09COCNA 'coco'25070 H 110°22Network(coco)
296-10CDYN 'vccd'25045 H 119°13Network(vccd)
296-12TCNP 'cnty'25051 H 119°13Network(cnty)
296-15CSTM 'vacs'25041 H 119°13Network(vacs)
296-19DOCU 'vcdo'25044 H 119°13Network(vcdo)
296-21DOVE 'vcdc'25043 H 119°13Network(vcdc)
296-22MDOX 'mdox'25057 H 119°13Network(mdox)
296-25ECHB 'ecbm'25071 H 110°22Network(ecbm)
296-33GROK 'vcgr'25046 H 119°13Network(vcgr)
296-37HLMN 'hmmn'25052 H 119°13Network(hmmn)
296-39HERE 'vche'25047 H 119°13Network(vche)
296-41HIYA 'hiya'25050 H 119°13Network(hiya)
296-43HOPS 'hops'25049 H 119°13Network(hops)
296-46IFCUN 'ifcf'25072 H 110°22Network(ifcf)
296-52KARTN 'kgpl'25053 H 119°13Network(kgpl)
296-56LMTN 'lmtn'25073 H 110°22Network(lmtn)
296-59MGSL 'mgsl'25054 H 119°13Network(mgsl)
296-62MANM 'manm'25055 H 119°13Network(manm)
296-69OTVF 'vcof'25042 H 119°13Network(vcof)
296-78SHDDR 'shud'25074 H 110°22Network(shud)
296-79SUNDN 'sndc'25075 H 110°22Network(sndc)
296-83ALBLK 'umcs'25076 H 110°22Network(umcs)
296-86UPFF 'vaup'25040 H 119°13Network(vaup)
296-92WAGS 'wags'25056 H 119°13Network(wags)
296-93WETV+ 'wtv+'25077 H 110°22Network(wtv+)
297NOTAXNo Satellite Tax Channel HR 119°18
299REELZReelz O 119°16
REELZHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9614 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
300VODOn Demand Library H 110°21
301APVLocal Mapdown - 'amzn'25039 H 110°22Network(amzn) (Channel Map)
302NTFLXLocal Mapdown - 25037 H 110°13(Channel Map)
318SHO-EShowtime East D O 110°1
SHO-EHD Mapdown - Showtime East9460 D 110°22(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - Showtime On Demand25017 H 119°13Network(show) (Channel Map)
319SHO-WShowtime West D O 110°21
SHO-WHD Mapdown - Showtime West9512 HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
320SHOTOShowtime Too D O 119°18
SHOTOHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9480 HRD 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
321SHBETHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9513 HRD 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
322SHOEXShowtime Extreme D O 119°16
323SHOCSShowtime Showcase D O 110°1
327TMC-EThe Movie Channel East D O 119°18
TMC-EHD Mapdown - The Movie Channel East9481 D 110°22(HD Channel Map)
328TMCXEThe Movie Channel Xtra East D O 119°18
329TMC-WThe Movie Channel West D O 110°21
330TMCXWThe Movie Channel Xtra West D O 110°21
333FLIXFlix D O 110°5
340ENCOREncore East O 119°14
ENCORHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9505 HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - Encore On Demand25001 H 119°13Network(encr) (Channel Map)
341ENCRWEncore West O 110°5
ENCRWHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9537 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
342EWSTNEncore Western O 119°21
EWSTNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9538 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
343EACTNEncore Action O 110°5
344ESUSPEncore Suspense O 110°1
ESUSPHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9542 HR 119°4sA28(HD Channel Map)
345EBLCKEncore Black O 110°1
346ECLASEncore Classics O 110°2
347EFAMEncore Family O 110°8
348ENESPHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9479 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
349STDIODISH Studio Channel P 119°14
 Popup 19906 -
350STARZStarz! O 119°18(Popup 19906)
STARZHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9435 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - Starz On Demand25002 H 119°13Network(strz) (Channel Map)
351STRZWStarz! West O 110°5(Popup 19906)
STRZWHD Mapdown - Starz! West9498 HR 110°19(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
STRZWHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii5546 HR 129°16s55
352SEDGEStarz! Edge O 119°12(Popup 19906)
SEDGEHD Mapdown - Starz! Edge9496 110°13(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
353SCINEStarz! Cinema O 119°12(Popup 19906)
354STZCStarz! Comedy O 110°10(Popup 19906)
STZCHD Mapdown - Starz! Comedy9486 H 119°15(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
355SBLCKStarz! in Black O 119°12(Popup 19906)
356SK&FMStarz! Kids & Family O 110°8(Popup 19906)
SK&FMHD Mapdown - Starz! Kids & Family9497 H 119°15(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
359BOUNCBounce TV H 110°2
360BNCBlack News Channel H 110°9
362BETGBET Gospel 110°10
363BETSBET Soul 110°10
364CMTMUCMT Music 119°20
365BETJMBET Jams 119°21
366MTVUMTV U 119°17
367SMITHSmithsonian Channel 110°9
SMITHHD Mapdown - Smithsonian Channel9620 H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
368NICKMNick Music 119°14
 Popup 19904 -
369MTVLHD Mapdown - MTV Live9469 HR O 110°13(Popup 19904) (HD Channel Map)
MTVLHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4269 H 110°13
371YTBLocal Mapdown - 'YTBE'25024 H 119°13Network(YTBE) (Channel Map)
372APVLocal Mapdown - 'amz2'25058 H 110°22Network(amz2) (Channel Map)
373GETTVgetTV 110°21
 Popup 19903 -
377MPLEXMovieplex O 119°12(Popup 19903)
379RETROHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii5545 HR 119°3sA27(Popup 19903)
 Popup 19900 -
380EPIX1Epix 1 D O 110°5(Popup 19900)
EPIX1HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9533 HRD 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
VODLocal Mapdown - Epix On Demand25003 H 119°13Network(epix) (Channel Map)
381EPIX2Epix 2 D O 119°18(Popup 19900)
EPIX2HD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9534 HRD 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
382EPIXHEpix Hits D O 119°12(Popup 19900)
EPIXHHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9504 HRD 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
384FXMFX Movies D O 110°8
FXMHD Mapdown - FX Movies9610 HD 110°22(HD Channel Map)
385MGMHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9612 HR 119°3sA27(HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19903 -
386SONYSony Movie Channel 110°2(Popup 19903)
SONYHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9529 HR 119°3sA27(Popup 19903) (HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19904 -
388PIXLPixL HD O 119°12(Popup 19904)
PIXLHD Mapdown - PixL HD9418 H O 110°22(Popup 19904) (HD Channel Map)
389OLYMPHD Mapdown - The Olympics Channel9943 HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
390OUTSDOutside Television 110°8
391FSC+Fox Soccer Channel+ D O 110°8
392BEINbeIN Sport O 110°5
393PRSTPursuit TV 110°16
394WFNWorld Fishing Network O 119°17
395SPMANSportsman Channel O 110°2
SPMANHD Mapdown - Sportsman Channel9483 H O 110°22(HD Channel Map)
SPMANHD Mapdown - Commercial Acct HD4295 H 110°22
SPMANHD Mapdown - Sportsman Channel4357 HR 110°22
396OTDCHOutdoor Channel O 119°12
OTDCHHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9619 HR 119°1sA27(HD Channel Map)
397TUDNTUDN H 110°1
TUDNHD Mapdown - TUDN9995 H 110°19
398TVG2TV Games 2 (Horse Racing) O 119°17
399TVGAMTV Games (Horse Racing) O 119°17
400TENISThe Tennis Channel O 110°5
TENISHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9442 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
TENISHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4300 HR 129°4s55
401GOLFGolf O 110°9
GOLFHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9473 HR 129°6s55(HD Channel Map)
GOLFHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii4301 HR 129°6s55
402ACCNACC Network HD 119°14
404SECSEC-ESPN NetworkEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
404-01+SECSEC-ESPN Network408 D 110°9
404-01+SECSEC-ESPN Network9591 HRD 110°22
404-02+ALTSCSEC Alternate596 HD 110°24
404-03+ALTSCSEC Alternate597 HD 110°24
405BIG10Big Ten NetworkEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
405-01+BIG10Big Ten Network410 D O 110°9
405-01BIG10Big Ten Network9500 HRD 119°3sA27Hawaii
405-02+ALT10Big Ten Alternate588 HD 110°24
405-03+ALT10Big Ten Alternate589 HD 110°24
405-04+ALT10Big Ten Alternate590 HD 110°24
405-05+ALT10Big Ten Alternate591 HD 110°24
406PAC12PAC-12 NetworkEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
406-01+PAC12PAC-12 Network409 H 119°17
406-01+PAC12PAC-12 Network5409 H 110°13
406-02+ALT12PAC-12 Alternate592 H 110°24
406-03+ALT12PAC-12 Alternate593 H 110°24
406-04+ALT12PAC-12 Alternate594 H 119°17
406-05+ALT12PAC-12 Alternate595 H 119°17
407LHNLonghorn Network D 119°12
LHNPT HD Mapdown - Longhorn Network9585 D 119°15(HD Channel Map)
408SECSEC-ESPN Network D 110°9Subchannel Mapdown (404-01+)
SECMapdown - SEC-ESPN Network9591 HRD 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (404-01+) (HD Channel Map)
409PAC12PAC-12 Network H 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (406-01+)
PAC12Mapdown - PAC-12 Network5409 H 110°13Subchannel Mapdown (406-01+) (HD Channel Map)
410BIG10Big Ten Network D O 110°9Subchannel Mapdown (405-01+)
BIG10Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9500 HRD 119°3sA27Subchannel Mapdown (405-01) (HD Channel Map)
412RSNETRegional Sports NetworksEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
412-01+NBSCANBC Sports California438 H O 110°9
412-04+ATTRMATTSN Rocky Mountain414 H O 119°17
412-04+ATTRMATTSN Rocky Mountain5414 H 110°14
412-09+NBSBANBC Sports Bay Area419 H O 119°17
412-14+NBSWANBC Sports Washington424 H O 119°17
412-16+RTNWROOT Northwest426 H O 119°16
412-16+RTNWROOT Northwest5426 H 110°14
412-18+ATTPTATTSN Pittsburgh428 H O 119°16
412-18+ATTPTATTSN Pittsburgh5428 H 110°14
412-22+MASNMid-Atlantic Sports Net432 H O 119°16
412-22+MASNMid-Atlantic Sports Net5432 H 110°14
412-23+MASN2Mid-Atlantic Sports Net 2433 H 110°24
412-24+NESNNew England Sports Network434 H O 119°16
412-24+NESNNew England Sports Network5434 H 110°14
412-28+ALTSports Alternate440 H 110°24
412-29+ALTSports Alternate441 H 110°24
412-30+ALTSports Alternate442 H 110°24
412-31+ALTSports Alternate443 H 110°24
412-32+ALTSports Alternate444 H 110°24
412-33+ALTSports Alternate445 H 110°24
412-34+ALTSports Alternate446 H 110°24
412-35+ALTSports Alternate447 H 110°24
412-36+ALTSports Alternate448 H 110°24
412-37+ALTSports Alternate449 H 110°24
412-38+ALTSports Alternate450 H 110°24
412-39+ALTSports Alternate451 H 110°24
412-40+ALTSports Alternate452 H 110°24
412-41+ALTSports Alternate453 H 110°24
412-42+ALTSports Alternate454 H 119°17
412-44ALTSports Alternate456 H 110°24
412-45ALTSports Alternate457 H 110°24
412-46ALTSports Alternate458 H 110°24
412-47ALTSports Alternate459 H 110°24
414ATTRMATTSN Rocky Mountain H O 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (412-04+)
ATTRMMapdown - ATTSN Rocky Mountain5414 H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-04+) (HD Channel Map)
419NBSBANBC Sports Bay Area H O 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (412-09+)
424NBSWANBC Sports Washington H O 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (412-14+)
426RTNWROOT Northwest H O 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (412-16+)
RTNWMapdown - ROOT Northwest5426 H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-16+) (HD Channel Map)
428ATTPTATTSN Pittsburgh H O 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (412-18+)
ATTPTMapdown - ATTSN Pittsburgh5428 H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-18+) (HD Channel Map)
432MASNMid-Atlantic Sports Net H O 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (412-22+)
MASNMapdown - Mid-Atlantic Sports Net5432 H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-22+) (HD Channel Map)
433MASN2Mid-Atlantic Sports Net 2 H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-23+)
434NESNNew England Sports Network H O 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (412-24+)
NESNMapdown - New England Sports Network5434 H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-24+) (HD Channel Map)
438NBSCANBC Sports California H O 110°9Subchannel Mapdown (412-01+)
440ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-28+)
441ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-29+)
442ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-30+)
443ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-31+)
444ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-32+)
445ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-33+)
446ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-34+)
447ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-35+)
448ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-36+)
449ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-37+)
450ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-38+)
451ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-39+)
452ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-40+)
453ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-41+)
454ALTSports Alternate H 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (412-42+)
455ALTSports Alternate H 110°24
456ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-44)
457ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-45)
458ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-46)
459ALTSports Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (412-47)
460SPORTPPV Sports D 110°7
461SPORTPPV Sports D 119°15
462SPORTPPV Sports D 110°24
463SPORTPPV Sports D 110°24
464SPORTPPV Sports D 110°15
465SPORTPPV Sports D 110°15
466SPORTPPV Sports D 110°15
470NBANBA League PassEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
470-01NBATVNBA TV5000 110°8
PT 470-01NBATVNBA TV5001 119°15
PT 470-08NBANBA League Pass5008 H 110°14
PT 470-12NBANBA League Pass5012 H 110°14
470-14NBANBA League Pass5014 H 110°14
470-17NBANBA League Pass5017 H 110°14
470-28NBANBA League Pass5028 H 110°14
471ORDERPre-Order PPV P 119°14
472ORDERPre-Order PPV P 110°10
473ORDERPre-Order PPV P 110°16
474ORDERPre-Order PPV P 110°8
475NHLNHL Center IceEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
475-01NHLNNHL Network5328 110°2
PT 475-02NHLNHL Center Ice5330 H 110°14
PT 475-04NHLNHL Center Ice5332 H 110°14
475-16NHLNHL Center Ice5344 H 110°14
475-19NHLNHL Center Ice5347 H 110°14
475-21NHLNHL Center Ice5349 H 110°14
475-26NHLNHL Center Ice5354 H 110°14
475-30NHLNHL Center Ice5358 H 110°14
476MLBMLB Extra InningsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
476-02MLBMLB Extra Innings5462 H 110°14
476-07MLBMLB Extra Innings5467 H 110°14
476-08MLBMLB Extra Innings5468 H 110°14
476-12MLBMLB Extra Innings5472 H 110°14
476-14MLBMLB Extra Innings5474 H 110°14
476-18MLBMLB Extra Innings5478 H 110°14
476-20MLBMLB Extra Innings5480 H 110°14
476-24MLBMLB Extra Innings5484 H 110°14
476-27MLBMLB Extra Innings5487 H 110°14
476-28MLBMLB Extra Innings5488 H 110°14
476-29MLBMLB Extra Innings5489 H 110°14
477NHLNANHL Network Alternate 110°24
478MLBNAMLB Network Alternate 110°24
480ALOCKAdult Lock F 119°14
481NUDEAdult PPV 110°3
482NUDEAdult PPV 110°3
483NUDEAdult PPV 110°3
484NUDEAdult PPV 110°3
486CHEAPCheap Thrills (Adult) R 110°3
487PLBYEPlayboy Espanol 110°3
488PLBYPlayboy O 110°3
489PLBYPlayboy 110°3
490ASHOWAdult Showcase R 110°3
491REALXGirls (Adult) R 110°3
492VIVIDVivid (Adult) R 110°3
493BRAZZBraZZers TV (Adult) R 110°3
494TENTEN (Adult) R 110°3
495RKTVReality Kings TV (Adult) R 110°3
496HUSLRHustler TV (Adult) R 110°3
497HUSLRHustler TV (Adult) R 110°3
498XTSYXtsy (Adult) R 110°3
499ASHOWAdult Showcase R 110°3
500ONPPVON PPV (Promo Channel) F 110°9
501VOD0Video On Demand H 110°21
503MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
504MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
507MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
516MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
517MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
518MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
519MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
520MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°7
526MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°8
527MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°8
528MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°8
529MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°8
530MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°8
531MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°9
532MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°2
533MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°2
534MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°8
535MOVIEDISH Cinema 110°8
5404KDISH 4KEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
588ALT10Big Ten Alternate HD 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (405-02+)
589ALT10Big Ten Alternate HD 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (405-03+)
590ALT10Big Ten Alternate HD 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (405-04+)
591ALT10Big Ten Alternate HD 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (405-05+)
592ALT12PAC-12 Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (406-02+)
593ALT12PAC-12 Alternate H 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (406-03+)
594ALT12PAC-12 Alternate H 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (406-04+)
595ALT12PAC-12 Alternate H 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (406-05+)
596ALTSCSEC Alternate HD 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (404-02+)
597ALTSCSEC Alternate HD 110°24Subchannel Mapdown (404-03+)
600INTLInternational BasicEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
602BRAZLBrazilian ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
603PRTGSPortuguese ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
604GRMANGerman ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
605GREEKGreek ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
606ITALYItalian ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
608FRNCHFrench ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
609AFRCNAfrican ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
611POLSHPolish ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
612RUSINRussian ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
613ISRELIsraeli ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
614CHNSEChinese ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
615TAIWNTaiwanese ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
617FLPNOFilipino ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
619KNADAKannada ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
620MRTHIMarathi ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
623JAPANJapanese ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
623-03BITVBloomberg Interactive TV9692 H 110°21
623-03BITVBloomberg Interactive TV9694 HR 110°13
624VIETVietnamese ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
626CNTSECantonese ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
628ARBICArabic ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
629OTTOTT ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
731DESI[International Channel]EPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
732HINDI[International Channel]EPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
748PUNJB[International Channel]EPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
775TELU[International Channel]EPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
810MEXMexico ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
811SUDAMSudamerica ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
812DOMINRepublica Dominicana ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
813C&EEspana ChannelsEPG H 119°18Subchannel EPG Channel
817ORDERPre-Order PPV P 119°14
818ORDERPre-Order PPV P 110°10
821CLANCLAN (Spanish) H 110°9
823BABY1Baby First TV 110°16
824BABYBabyTV (Spanish) 110°2
825AZTCAAzteca America 110°1
826WAPAAWAPA America (Spanish) HR 110°2
 Popup 19908 -
827UNVSNUnivision R 119°18(Popup 19908)
VODLocal Mapdown - Univision On Demand25010 H 119°13Network(uvsn) (Channel Map)
828UNVSWUnivision West R 110°1
829IPTU-Learn Inglés Para Todos H 110°2
IPTHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9616 HR 129°4s55(HD Channel Map)
830UNIMEUniMás (East) R 110°1
831MLMDSMultimedios 110°1
832CNTROCentroamerica TV 110°10
833GLVSNGalavision 119°12(Popup 19908)
834PSNESPasiones 110°5
835TMNDOTelemundo (East) RD 119°21
836TMDOWTelemundo (West) RD 110°5
837TLNOVUnivision TL Novellas H 110°21
838UNVSONBC Universo D 110°21
UNVSOHD Mapdown - NBC Universo9509 H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
839ANT3Antenna 3 TV H 110°2
840TVEITVE Imternational 110°16
841NTELNuestra Tele 110°8
842CRCOLCaracol Internacional H 110°9
843HISTEHistory Channel en Espanol 110°5
844NGMDONational Geographic Mundo D 110°5
845DSCEDiscovery en Espanol 110°9(Popup 19908)
846DSFAMDiscovery Kids/Familia 110°1
847UFOROUnivision Foro TV 110°16
848MLNIO[Spanish Channel] 110°5
849CNNESCNN Espanol 110°16
852ESTREestrellaTV H 110°10
853F360Discovery Kids/Familiaxip P 110°7
854ESPNDESPN Deportes D 110°5
ESPNDHD Mapdown - ESPN Deportes9560 HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
855FXDEPFox Deportes D 110°2
FXDEPHD Mapdown - Fox Deportes9609 HD 110°22(HD Channel Map)
856TUDNTUDN 110°1
TUDNHD Mapdown - Spot: Hawaii9556 H 110°19 H 129°16s55(HD Channel Map)
857TUDNXTUDNxtra ChannelsEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
859BEINC[Spanish Channel]EPG H 110°21Subchannel EPG Channel
860BEINEbeIN Sport Espanol 110°10
861BEINbeIN Sport 110°5
862AZCINAZ Cinema 110°1
863MXCNLMexicanal 110°1
864CSONYCine Sony 110°2
865CINELCine Lantino 110°2
866ZMNDOZee Mundo H 110°2
879ZEEFM[Spanish Channel] H 110°9
880HITNHITN 110°16
881V-MEV-Me (Spanish PBS) 119°18
882SHPLCThe Liquidation Channel H 110°2
883VALU(Infomercials) P 119°16
884CGTNECGTN Spanish/French 110°16
890VDRLAVideo Rola 110°21
891TR3SMTV Tr3s 110°9
892VMARIViva Mariachi (Spanish) P 119°20
893MJITOMojito (Spanish) 119°20
894LMUSCLa Musica (Spanish) 119°20
900MESG1 H 119°10
MESG1HD Mapdown - 9545 H 119°10(HD Channel Map)
901MESG2 H 119°10
MESG2HD Mapdown - 9546 H 119°10(HD Channel Map)
915PBSPBS National Feed H 119°20
920ENVOEnvironmental (Muzak) H 119°16
921REFLReflections (Muzak) H 119°17
922FMONEForeground Music One (Muzak) H 119°16
923AUD01Hitline H 119°20
924AUD02Hot FM H 119°16
925AUD03Expressions H 119°21
926AUD04Love Songs H 119°20
927AUD05City Lights P 119°20
928AUD06Moodscapes H 119°20
929AUD07Gumbo H 119°20
930AUD08Piano and Guitar H 119°20
931AUD097890 (70's-00's) H 119°20
932METROMetro (Muzak) H 119°20
933AUD1050s & 60s Hits H 119°20
934AUD1170s Hits H 119°21
935AUD1280s Hits H 119°20
936AUD13Shag Beach H 119°20
937AUD14Country Music One H 119°17
938AUD15The Blvd. H 119°16
939AUD16Mo' Soul P 119°20
940LMUSCLa Musica (Spanish) H 119°20
941VMARIViva Mariachi (Spanish) P 119°20
942TONEDToned (Musak) H 119°20
943MJITOMojito (Spanish) H 119°20
944OTTO1Little Italy H 119°16
945OTTO2Tropical Breezes H 119°16
946OTTO3Roadhouse H 119°18
947AUD20Holiday H 119°20
948DESTDestinations (Muzak) H 119°20
949MUZK2Muzak 2 (Muzak) H 119°20
950CD 1Screen Door 119°12
951CD 2Rawhide P 119°12
952CD 3Nashville USA 119°18
953CD 4Jukebox Gold 119°16
954CD 5Songbook 119°16
955CD 6Unforgettable 119°16
956CD 7Cashmere 119°21
957CD 8Backpages 119°21
958CD 9Strobe 119°21
959CD 10Rock Show 119°16
960CD 11Feedback 119°12
961CD 12Ink'd 119°20
962CD 13NuJazz 119°16
963CD 14Concrete Beats 119°12
964CD 15Estilos 119°19
965CD 16Fiesta Mexicana 119°19
966CD 17Frequency 119°16
967CD 18Jazz Traditions P 119°12
968CD 19Impressions 119°12
969CD 20Acoustic Crossroads 119°12
970CD 21Plaza 119°12
971CD 22Ensemble 119°12
972CD 23Intermezzo P 119°18
973CD 24Easy Instrumentals 119°12
974CD 25Swing Kings P 119°16
975CD 26The Light 119°12
976CD 27Kid Tunes 119°20
977CD 28Aura 119°19
978CD 29Lucille 119°19
979CD 30Kingston 119°17
980CD 31BYU Radio Network 110°16
981CD 32Hawaiian 119°20
983CD 27Kid Tunes H 119°20
988DPRMOShowroom Channel H 110°10
995IPLLTEPG H 119°7Subchannel EPG Channel
997SLATVSuperior Livestock Auction 110°15
999RTLRRetailer Information H 110°2
RTLRHD Mapdown - Retailer Information9608 H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4000KCNC H 119°11
4001KMGH H 119°11
4002KUSA H 119°11
4003KXAS H 119°11
4004WBBM H 119°11
4005WFAA H 119°11
4042WABC(DISH RV Distant) HD 119°20
4043WCBS(DISH RV Distant) H 119°20
4044WNBC(DISH RV Distant) H 119°20
4045WNYW(DISH RV Distant) HD 119°20
4071LTD1 H 119°16
4072LTD2 H 110°21
4073LTD3 H 119°14
4074LTD4 H 110°9
4075LTD5 H 110°2
4076LTD6 H 119°20
4077LTD7 H 119°18
4078LTD8 H 110°10
Commercial Account HD
4102NBATVNBA TV(156) H 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4105USAUSA Network(105) HD 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4111DIYDo It Yourself(111) H 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4113COOKCooking Channel(113) H 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4121VICEViceland(121) H 110°22Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4122SYFYSyFy Channel(122) HD 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4138TNTTNT(138) H 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4140ESPNESPN(140) HD 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4141ESPNUESPN U(141) HD 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4142ESNWSESPNews(142) HD 110°22Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4149FXXFXX(125) HD 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4152CBSSNCBS Sports Network(158) H 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4155NFLRZNFL Network Red Zone(155) H 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4164FUSEFuse(164) H 110°13Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4172DISEDisney (East)(172) HD 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4180FRFMFreeform(180) HD 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4187HMMHallmark Movies and Mysteries(187) H 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4194AMERIDestination America(194) H 110°22Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4202HLNCNN Headline News(202) H 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4203BITVBloomberg Interactive TV(203) H 110°13Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4213WNWeather Nation(215) H 110°13Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4239WGNWGN America(239) H 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4262AXSAXS TV(167) H 110°22Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4264MTMotorTrend TV(246) H 110°19Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4269MTVLMTV Live(369) H 110°13Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4270LOGOLOGO TV(254) H 110°13Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4283HDNMVHD Net Movies(130) H 119°15Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4287CICrime & Investigation(249) H 110°22Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4295SPMANSportsman Channel(395) H 110°22Commercial Acct HD (HD Channel Map)
4300TENISThe Tennis Channel(400) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4301GOLFGolf(401) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4302USAUSA Network(105) HRD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4303LIFELifetime(108) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4304CMDYComedy Central(107) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4305LMNLifetime Movie Network(109) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4306FOODFood Channel(110) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4307HGTVHome & Garden TV(112) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4308A&EA&E(118) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4309FYIFYI Channel(119) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4310HISTHistory Channel(120) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4311SYFYSyFy Channel(122) HRD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4312BETBlack Entertainment TV(124) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4313BRAVOBravo(129) HRD 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4314FXFX(136) HRD 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4315TNTTNT(138) HR 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4316TBSTBS(139) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4317ESPNESPN(140) HRD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4319ESPN2ESPN 2(143) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4320FOXS1Fox Sports 1(150) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4321NBCSPNBC Sports Network(159) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4322CBSSNCBS Sports Network(158) HR 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4323NFLNFL Network(154) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4324MTVMTV(160) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4325VH1VH-1(162) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4326CMTCountry Music TV(166) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4327PARAMParamount Network(241) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4328NICKNickelodeon(170) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4331TOONCartoon Network(176) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4333DISCDiscovery Channel(182) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4334TLCThe Learning Channel(183) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4335APLAnimal Planet(184) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4336NTGEONational Geographic(197) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4337HMMHallmark Movies and Mysteries(187) HR 110°19(HD Channel Map)
4338SCIScience Channel(193) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4339AMERIDestination America(194) HR 110°22(HD Channel Map)
4340FXNWSFox News(205) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4341FOXBFOX Business News(206) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4342CNNCNN(200) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4343CNBCCNBC(208) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4344MSNBCMSNBC(209) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4345WEATHThe Weather Channel(214) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4346TRVThe Travel Channel(196) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4347WGNWGN America(239) HR 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4348IDInvestigation Discovery(192) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4349OWNOprah Winfrey Network(189) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4350UNVSNUnivision(270) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4351AMCAmerican Movie Classics(131) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4352WNWeather Nation(215) HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
4354COOKCooking Channel(113) H 110°19(HD Channel Map)
4357SPMANSportsman Channel(395) HR 110°22(HD Channel Map)
4359NHLNNHL Network(157) HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4360AXSAXS TV(167) HR 110°22(HD Channel Map)
4367BABY1Baby First TV H 110°16
4369BYUTVBYU TV H 110°16
4370MLBNMLB Network(152) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4371CTNChristian TV Network H 110°16
4375DYSTRDaystar H 119°20
4377EWTNEternal World TV H 110°16
4379FSTVFree Speech TV H 110°16
4383LINKLink TV H 110°16
4385HILLSThe Hillsong Channel H 110°5
4387TBNTBN H 110°16
4389TVGAMTV Games (Horse Racing) H 119°17
4391POPPop TV H 119°21
4395IMPCTThe Impact Network H 119°20
4412E!E! Entertainment TV(114) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4413NATGWNational Geographic Wild(190) HRD 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4416TRUTru TV(242) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4417TCMTurner Classic Movies(132) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4418BBCABBC America(135) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4419VICEViceland(121) HR 110°22(HD Channel Map)
4421HLMRKHallmark Channel(185) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
4422DIYDo It Yourself(111) HR 110°19(HD Channel Map)
4430USAUSA Network(105) HRD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4433COOKCooking Channel(113) HR 110°19(HD Channel Map)
4439SYFYSyFy Channel(122) HRD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4443TNTTNT(138) HR 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4445ESPNESPN(140) HRD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4449AMERIDestination America(194) HR 110°22(HD Channel Map)
4460VICEViceland(121) HR 110°22(HD Channel Map)
4465DIYDo It Yourself(111) HR 110°19(HD Channel Map)
4467HMMHallmark Movies and Mysteries(187) HR 110°19(HD Channel Map)
4475WGNWGN America(239) H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4476WNWeather Nation(215) HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
4483MTMotorTrend TV(246) HR 110°19(HD Channel Map)
4484HDNMVHD Net Movies(130) HR 119°15(HD Channel Map)
4485AXSAXS TV(167) HR 110°22(HD Channel Map)
4499FRFMFreeform HD 110°19
4500FRFMFreeform HD 119°18
4501AXSAXS TV H 110°2
4502A&EA&E H 119°21
4503A&EA&E HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4504AXSAXS TV H 110°22
4505PARAMParamount Network H 119°16
4506PARAMParamount Network HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4507SYFYSyFy Channel HD 110°8
4508SYFYSyFy Channel HD 119°15
4509TVLNDTV Land H 119°21
4511USAUSA Network HD 119°12
4512USAUSA Network HD 119°15
4513WGNWGN America H 119°18
4514WGNWGN America HR 119°15
4521BOOMBoomerang H 119°21
4523TRUTru TV H 119°18
4524TRUTru TV HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4525TOONCartoon Network H 119°16
4526TOONCartoon Network HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4527TOONWCartoon Network West H 110°5
4529CNNCNN H 119°16
4530CNNCNN HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4531HLNCNN Headline News H 119°16
4532HLNCNN Headline News HR 110°19
4533TBSTBS H 119°14
4534TBSTBS HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4539TNTTNT H 119°18
4540TNTTNT H 119°15
4541QVCQuality Value Choice H 110°9
4543FXFX HD 119°21
4544FXFX HRD 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4545FOXBFOX Business News H 110°8
4546FOXBFOX Business News HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii
4547FXNWSFox News H 119°21
4548FXNWSFox News HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4549NTGEONational Geographic HD 110°5
4550NTGEONational Geographic HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4551NATGWNational Geographic Wild HD 110°5
4552NATGWNational Geographic Wild HRD 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4553FOXS1Fox Sports 1 HD 119°17
4554FOXS1Fox Sports 1 HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4561BRAVOBravo HD 119°18
4562BRAVOBravo HRD 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4565HLMRKHallmark Channel H 110°16
4566HLMRKHallmark Channel HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4567HGTVHome & Garden TV H 119°14
4568HGTVHome & Garden TV HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4569LIFELifetime H 119°12
4570LIFELifetime HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4571LMNLifetime Movie Network H 110°2
4572LMNLifetime Movie Network HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4573LOGOLOGO TV HR 110°13
4574OWNOprah Winfrey Network H 119°17
4575OWNOprah Winfrey Network HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4578OXYGNOxygen H 119°21
4586TLCThe Learning Channel H 119°14
4587TLCThe Learning Channel HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4588WEWomen's Entertainment H 119°14
4596APLAnimal Planet H 119°18
4597APLAnimal Planet HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4598BBCABBC America H 119°14
4599BBCABBC America HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4600FYIFYI Channel H 110°5
4601FYIFYI Channel HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii
4602COOKCooking Channel H 110°5
4603COOKCooking Channel H 110°19
4604CICrime & Investigation HR 110°22
4606DISCDiscovery Channel H 119°21
4607DISCDiscovery Channel HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4608DIYDo It Yourself H 110°5
4609DIYDo It Yourself H 110°19
4612FOODFood Channel H 119°14
4613FOODFood Channel HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4614HISTHistory Channel H 119°18
4615HISTHistory Channel HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4616VICEViceland H 110°1
4617VICEViceland H 110°22
4618IDInvestigation Discovery H 110°9
4619IDInvestigation Discovery HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4620AHCAmerican Heroes Channel H 119°21
4622AMERIDestination America H 110°9
4623AMERIDestination America H 110°22
4624SCIScience Channel H 110°5
4625SCIScience Channel HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4628TRVThe Travel Channel H 119°14
4629TRVThe Travel Channel HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4630RFDTVRFD TV H 110°21
4632COWBYCowboy TV H 119°12
4636DISEDisney (East) HD 119°21
4637DISEDisney (East) HD 110°19
4638DISWDisney (West) HD 119°21
4640DISXDDisney XD HD 119°21
4642IONION H 119°21
4648NICKNickelodeon H 119°16
4649NICKNickelodeon HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4650NICKWNickelodeon West H 119°16
4652NKJRNick Jr H 119°21
4654NICKTNicktoons H 119°21
4656TNCKTeen Nick H 119°21
4658DISCFDiscovery Family H 110°16
4666BETBlack Entertainment TV H 119°18
4667BETBlack Entertainment TV HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4668CMTCountry Music TV H 119°14
4669CMTCountry Music TV HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4670CMDYComedy Central H 119°14
4671CMDYComedy Central HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4672E!E! Entertainment TV H 119°21
4673E!E! Entertainment TV HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4676GACGreat American Country H 110°8
4678GMSHWGame Show Channel H 119°16
4680MTVMTV H 119°12
4681MTVMTV HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii
4682MTV2MTV2 H 119°21
4684MTVLMTV Live HR 110°13
4685VH1VH-1 H 119°12
4686VH1VH-1 HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4687MTVCL H 110°21
4688FUSEFuse H 119°12
4689FUSEFuse HR 110°13
4694HDNMVHD Net Movies H 110°21
4695AMCAmerican Movie Classics H 119°17
4696AMCAmerican Movie Classics HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4697MTMotorTrend TV H 110°19
4698HDNMVHD Net Movies H 119°15
4699IFCIndependent Film Channel H 110°1
4702REELZReelz H 119°16
4704TCMTurner Classic Movies H 119°12
4705TCMTurner Classic Movies HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4707SUNDSundance H 119°12
4709SONYSony Movie Channel H 110°2
4711WNWeather Nation H 110°21
4712WNWeather Nation H 110°13
4713BITVBloomberg Interactive TV H 110°21
4714BITVBloomberg Interactive TV H 110°13
4715CNBCCNBC HD 119°12
4716CNBCCNBC HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4719CSPANCSPAN H 110°16
4721CSPN2CSPAN 2 H 119°16
4725MSNBCMSNBC HD 119°14
4726MSNBCMSNBC HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4727WEATHThe Weather Channel H 119°14
4728WEATHThe Weather Channel HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4735CBSSNCBS Sports Network H 110°5
4736CBSSNCBS Sports Network HR 119°15
4737NBATVNBA TV H 110°8
4738NBATVNBA TV H 119°15
4739NFLNFL Network H 119°16
4740NFLNFL Network HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4741NFLRZNFL Network Red Zone H 110°15
4742NFLRZNFL Network Red Zone HR 119°15
4743NHLNNHL Network H 110°2
4744NHLNNHL Network HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii
4745GOLFGolf H 110°9
4746GOLFGolf HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4747MLBNMLB Network H 119°16
4748MLBNMLB Network HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4749MLBSZMLB Network Strike Zone H 119°16
4750MLBSZMLB Network Strike Zone H 119°15
4753FOXS2Fox Sports 2 HD 110°2
4755TVG2TV Games 2 (Horse Racing) H 119°17
4758OTDCHOutdoor Channel H 119°12
4760SPMANSportsman Channel H 110°2
4761SPMANSportsman Channel HR 110°22
4762TENISThe Tennis Channel H 110°5
4763TENISThe Tennis Channel HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii
4764NBCSPNBC Sports Network H 110°21
4765NBCSPNBC Sports Network HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4766WFNWorld Fishing Network H 119°17
4774FXXFXX HD 110°1
4775FXXFXX HRD 110°19
4776FSC+Fox Soccer Channel+ HD 110°8
4780ESPNESPN HD 119°14
4781ESPNESPN HD 119°15
4782ESPN2ESPN 2 HD 119°14
4783ESPN2ESPN 2 HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii
4786ESNWSESPNews HD 119°17
4787ESNWSESPNews HRD 110°22
4788ESPNUESPN U HD 119°17
4789ESPNUESPN U HD 110°19
4796AZTCAAzteca America H 110°1
4798UNVSNUnivision HR 119°18
4799UNVSNUnivision HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
4800UNVSWUnivision West HR 110°1
4801UFOROUnivision Foro TV 110°16
4802UNIMEUniMás (East) HR 110°1
4806GLVSNGalavision HR 119°12
4808TMNDOTelemundo (East) HRD 119°21
4810TMDOWTelemundo (West) HRD 110°5
4812WAPAAWAPA America (Spanish) HR 110°2
4813TLNOVUnivision TL Novellas 110°21
4814TUDNTUDN H 110°1
4815TUDNTUDN H 110°1
4819BEINbeIN Sport H 110°5
4820CNTROCentroamerica TV H 110°10
4822UNVSONBC Universo HD 110°21
4823BEINEbeIN Sport Espanol H 110°10
4824TUDNTUDN H 110°19
4825TUDNTUDN H 110°19
4826TVEITVE Imternational H 110°16
4828NTELNuestra Tele H 110°8
4830PSNESPasiones H 110°5
4834HITNHITN H 110°16
4838DSCEDiscovery en Espanol H 110°9
4840V-MEV-Me (Spanish PBS) H 119°18
4844HISTEHistory Channel en Espanol H 110°5
4846DSFAMDiscovery Kids/Familia H 110°1
4848ESPNDESPN Deportes HD 110°5
4850FXDEPFox Deportes HD 110°2
4854MLNIO H 110°5
4856CNNESCNN Espanol H 110°16
4858AZCINAZ Cinema H 110°1
4860MXCNLMexicanal H 110°1
4862CINELCine Lantino H 110°2
4864VDRLAVideo Rola H 110°21
4865MLMDSMultimedios H 110°1
4866TR3SMTV Tr3s H 110°9
4868NGMDONational Geographic Mundo HD 110°5
4870ENLCEnlace TV H 110°16
4875LMUSCLa Musica (Spanish) H 119°20
4876MJITOMojito (Spanish) H 119°20
4877VMARIViva Mariachi (Spanish) H 119°20
4971DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4972DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4973DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4974DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4975DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4976DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4977DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4978DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4979DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4980DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4981DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4982DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4983DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4984DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4985DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4986DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4987DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4988DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4989DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4990DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4991DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4992DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4993DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4994DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4995DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4996DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4997DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4998DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
4999DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5000NBATVNBA TV 110°8Subchannel Mapdown (470-01)
5001NBATVNBA TV 119°15Subchannel Mapdown (PT 470-01)
5008NBANBA League Pass H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (PT 470-08)
5012NBANBA League Pass H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (PT 470-12)
5014NBANBA League Pass H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (470-14)
5017NBANBA League Pass H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (470-17)
5028NBANBA League Pass H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (470-28)
5070DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5071DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5072DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5073DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5074DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5075DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5076DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5077DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5078DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5079DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5080DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°14
5081DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5082DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5083DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5084DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5085DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5086DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5087DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5088DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5089DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5090DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5091DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5092DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5093DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5094DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5095DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5096DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5097DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5098DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5099DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
5100DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°16
Local Channels (omitted)
5328NHLNNHL Network 110°2Subchannel Mapdown (475-01)
5330NHLNHL Center Ice H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (PT 475-02)
5332NHLNHL Center Ice H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (PT 475-04)
5344NHLNHL Center Ice H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (475-16)
5347NHLNHL Center Ice H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (475-19)
5349NHLNHL Center Ice H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (475-21)
5354NHLNHL Center Ice H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (475-26)
5358NHLNHL Center Ice H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (475-30)
Regional Sports Network HD
5409PAC12PAC-12 Network(409) H 110°13Subchannel Mapdown (406-01+) (HD Channel Map)
5414ATTRMATTSN Rocky Mountain(414) H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-04+) (HD Channel Map)
5426RTNWROOT Northwest(426) H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-16+) (HD Channel Map)
5428ATTPTATTSN Pittsburgh(428) H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-18+) (HD Channel Map)
5432MASNMid-Atlantic Sports Net(432) H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-22+) (HD Channel Map)
5434NESNNew England Sports Network(434) H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (412-24+) (HD Channel Map)
5462MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-02)
5467MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-07)
5468MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-08)
5472MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-12)
5474MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-14)
5478MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-18)
5480MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-20)
5484MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-24)
5487MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-27)
5488MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-28)
5489MLBMLB Extra Innings H 110°14Subchannel Mapdown (476-29)
Alaska/Hawaii HD
 Popup 19903 -
5545RETRORetroplex(379) HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (Popup 19903) (HD Channel Map)
5546STRZWStarz! West(351) HR 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
Internal/Test Channels
5725PCSLTSlate H 119°16
PCSLTSlate H 119°17 H 110°1 H 110°5
PCSLTSlate H 110°9
PCSLTSlate H 110°15
PCSLTSlate H 110°24
5726PCSLTSlate H 119°15 H 110°14
5728XMOS(Internal) H 110°7
5739DNFYIDISH FYI(70-00) H 119°14(Channel Map)
5740IAD11 110°2
5742IAD12 110°2
5744IAD13 110°2
5756ATOOL H 110°10
5767IAD10 119°14
5770IAD1 110°2
5772IAD3 110°2
5773IAD4 110°10
5774IAD5 110°10
5776IAD7 119°14
5800SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5801SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5802SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5803SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5804SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5805SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5806SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5807SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5808SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5809SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5810SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5811SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5812SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5813SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5814EPSK1DISH Sports (Internal) H 119°17
5815EPSK2DISH Sports (Internal) H 119°17
5816DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5817DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5818DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5819DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5820DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5821DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5822DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5823DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5824DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5825DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5826DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5827DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5828DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5829DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5830DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5831DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5832DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5833DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5834DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5835DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
 Popup 19911 -
5836TST H 110°16(Popup 19911)
5856ETC3 H 110°24
5858SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5859SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5860SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5861SKDLDISH RSN (Internal) H 110°24
5871DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5872DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5873DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5874DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5875DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5876DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5877DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5878DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5879DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5880DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5881DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5882DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5883DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5884DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5885DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5886DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5887DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5888DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5889DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5890DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°21
5897DRMT1 HD 110°21
5899DRMT3 H 110°8
5907DRM11 H 110°7
5908DRM12 HD 119°21
5909DRM13 HD 119°18
5911DRM14 HD 119°17
5913DRM15 HD 119°17
5921DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5922DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5923DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5924DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5925DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5926DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5927DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5928DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5929DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5930DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°20
5950TEST1 H 110°1
5951TEST2 H 110°1
5952TEST3 H 110°1
5981HDSKDDISH RSN (Internal) H 119°15
Sirius/XM Music Channels
6001INFOInfo Channel H 110°2Subchannel Mapdown (99-01)
6002SXM02Sirius/XM Hits 1 D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-02)
6004SXM04Sirius/XM PitBull Globalization D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-04)
6005SXM05Sirius/XM 50s on 5 D 119°21Subchannel Mapdown (99-05)
6006SXM06Sirius/XM 60s on 6 D 119°21Subchannel Mapdown (99-06)
6007SXM07Sirius/XM 70s on 7 D 119°21Subchannel Mapdown (99-07)
6008SXM08Sirius/XM 80s on 8 D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-08)
6009SXM09Sirius/XM 90s on 9 D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-09)
6010SXM10Sirius/XM Pop2K D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-10)
6014SXM14Sirius/XM Coffee House D P 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-14)
6015SXM15Sirius/XM The Pulse D 119°14Subchannel Mapdown (99-15)
6016SXM16Sirius/XM The Blend D 119°14Subchannel Mapdown (99-16)
6019SXM19Sirius/XM Elvis Radio D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-19)
6020SXM20Sirius/XM E Street Radio D 119°20Subchannel Mapdown (99-20)
6021SXM21Sirius/XM Underground Garage D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-21)
6022SXM22Sirius/XM Pearl Jam Radio D 119°12Subchannel Mapdown (99-22)
6023SXM23Sirius/XM The Grateful Dead D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-23)
6024SXM24Sirius/XM Radio Margaritaville D 119°20Subchannel Mapdown (99-24)
6025SXM25Sirius/XM Classic Rewind D 119°20Subchannel Mapdown (99-25)
6026SXM26Sirius/XM Classic Vinyl D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-26)
6027SXM27Sirius/XM Deep Tracks D 119°12Subchannel Mapdown (99-27)
6028SXM28Sirius/XM Spectrum D 119°12Subchannel Mapdown (99-28)
6029SXM29Sirius/XM Jam_ON D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-29)
6030SXM30Sirius/XM The Loft D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-30)
6032SXM32Sirius/XM The Bridge D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-32)
6033SXM33Sirius/XM 1st Wave D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-33)
6034SXM34Sirius/XM Lithium D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-34)
6035SXM35Sirius/XM XMU D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-35)
6036SXM36Sirius/XM Alt Nation D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-36)
6037SXM37Sirius/XM Octane D 119°12Subchannel Mapdown (99-37)
6038SXM38Sirius/XM Ozzy's Boneyard D 119°12Subchannel Mapdown (99-38)
6039SXM39Sirius/XM Hair Nation D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-39)
6040SXM40Sirius/XM Liquid Metal D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-40)
6041SXM41Sirius/XM Faction D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-41)
6042SXM42Sirius/XM The Joint D 119°12Subchannel Mapdown (99-42)
6043SXM43Sirius/XM BackSpin D 119°20Subchannel Mapdown (99-43)
6044SXM44Sirius/XM Hip-Hop Nation D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-44)
6045SXM45Sirius/XM Shade 45 D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-45)
6046SXM46Sirius/XM The Heat D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-46)
6047SXM47Sirius/XM FLY D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-47)
6048SXM48Sirius/XM Heart & Soul D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-48)
6049SXM49Sirius/XM Soul Town D P 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-49)
6050SXM50Sirius/XM The Groove D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-50)
6051SXM51Sirius/XM BPM D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-51)
6052SXM52Sirius/XM Electric Area D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-52)
6053SXM53Sirius/XM Chill D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-53)
6054SXM54Sirius/XM Studio 54 Radio D 119°20Subchannel Mapdown (99-54)
6055SXM55Sirius/XM Utopia D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-55)
6056SXM56Sirius/XM The Highway D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-56)
6057SXM57Sirius/XM Y2Kountry D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-57)
6058SXM58Sirius/XM Prime Country D P 119°12Subchannel Mapdown (99-58)
6059SXM59Sirius/XM Willie's Roadhouse D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-59)
6060SXM60Sirius/XM Outlaw Country D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-60)
6062SXM62Sirius/XM Music D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-62)
6063SXM63Sirius/XM The Message D P 119°20Subchannel Mapdown (99-63)
6064SXM64Sirius/XM Praise D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-64)
6065SXM65Sirius/XM enLignten D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-65)
6066SXM66Sirius/XM Watercolors D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-66)
6067SXM67Sirius/XM Real Jazz D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-67)
6068SXM68Sirius/XM Spa D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-68)
6069SXM69Sirius/XM Escape D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-69)
6070SXM70Sirius/XM BB King's Bluesville D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-70)
6071SXM71Sirius/XM Siriusly Sinatra D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-71)
6072SXM72Sirius/XM On Broadway D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-72)
6073SXM73Sirius/XM 40s Junction D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-73)
6074SXM74Sirius/XM Met Opera Radio D 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-74)
6075SXM75Sirius/XM Pops D 119°17Subchannel Mapdown (99-75)
6076SXM76Sirius/XM Symphony Hall D P 119°18Subchannel Mapdown (99-76)
6091SXM91Sirius/XM (147) Viva D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-91)
6093INFOInfo Channel H 110°2Subchannel Mapdown (99-93)
6094SXM94Sirius/XM (151) Aguila D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-94)
6095SXM95Sirius/XM (150) Caliente D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-95)
6096SXM96Sirius/XM (523) Caricia D 119°16Subchannel Mapdown (99-96)
Temporary Channels
6164CWThe CW H 119°20
6165AZTCAAzteca America H 110°1
6166UNVSNUnivision H 119°18
6167UNIMEUniMás (East) H 110°1
6168TMNDOTelemundo (East) HD 119°21
6169IONION H 119°21
6170PBSPBS FEED H 119°20
6194DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6195DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6196DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6197DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6198DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6199DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
Local Channels (omitted)
6200DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6201DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6202DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6203DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6204DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6205DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6206DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6207DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6208DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6209DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6210DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6211DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6212DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6213DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6214DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6215DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6216DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6217DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6218DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6219DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6220DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6221DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6222DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6223DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6224DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6225DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6226DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6227DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6228DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6229DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6235DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6236DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6237DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6238DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°10
6245DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6246DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6247DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6248DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6249DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6251DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6266DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6267DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6268DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6269DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6270DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6271DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6272DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6273DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6274DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6275DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6276DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6277DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6278DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6279DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6280DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6281DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6282DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6283DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6284DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6285DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6286DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6287DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6288DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6289DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6290DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6291DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6292DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6293DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6294DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6295DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6296DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6297DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6298DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6299DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°9
6800UP4 H 119°13 H 110°11
6802UP4SD H 110°31s46/47Spot: Alaska / Hawaii
6803UP3 H 119°7
UP3 H 119°8
6805UP4 H 119°21
6811UP4 H 119°6
UP4 H 119°9
6812UP4 H 119°11
6813UP4 H 110°25s47Spot: Hawaii
6821UP5 H 110°23s47Spot: Hawaii
6842UP8 H 110°27s46/47Spot: Alaska / Hawaii
6844UP11 H 110°12s46/47Spot: Alaska / Hawaii
6848UP11 H 110°29s46/47 H 129°14s55Spot: (Alaska / Hawaii) (Hawaii)
6900BRAVOBravo H 119°18
6901CMDYComedy Central H 119°14
6902CNBCCNBC H 119°12
6903CNNCNN H 119°16
6904WABCNEW YORK, NY (ABC) H 119°20
6905ESPNESPN H 119°14
6906ESPN2ESPN 2 H 119°14
6907FXFX HD 119°21
6908FXNWSFox News H 119°21
6909MSNBCMSNBC H 119°14
6910TBSTBS H 119°14
6911TNTTNT H 119°18
6912TNTTNT H 119°18
6913TMNDOTelemundo (East) H 119°21
6914USAUSA Network H 119°12
6915WCBSNEW YORK, NY (CBS) H 119°20
6916WNBCNEW YORK, NY (NBC) H 119°20
6917WNYWNEW YORK, NY (FOX) HD 119°20
6936TMNDOTelemundo (East) H 119°21
6937DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6938DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6939DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6940DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6941DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6942DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6943DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6944DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6945DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6946DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6947DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6948DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6949DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6950DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6955ESPNESPN H 119°15
6960DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6961DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6962DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6963DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6964DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6965DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6966DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6967DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6968DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6969DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6970DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°2
6971DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6972DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6973DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6974DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6975DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6976DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6977DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6978DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6979DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6980DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6981DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6982DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6983DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6984DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6985DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6986DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6987DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6988DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6989DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6990DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6991DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6992DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6993DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6994DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6995DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6996DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6997DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6998DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
6999DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
Local Channels (omitted)
7000DISHDISH Info Channel H 119°18
Public Interest/National HD Channels
9403BYUTVBYU TV 110°16
9410LINKLink TV 110°16
9411ENLCEnlace TV 110°16
9415FSTVFree Speech TV 110°16
9416NICKNickelodeon(170) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9417AMCAmerican Movie Classics(131) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19904 -
9418PIXLPixL HD(388) H O 110°22(Popup 19904) (HD Channel Map)
9419A&EA&E(118) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9420TNTTNT(138) H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9421MTMotorTrend TV(246) HR O 110°19 HR 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (Popup 19904) (HD Channel Map)
9422AXSAXS TV(167) 110°22(HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19903 -
9423HDNMVHD Net Movies(130) O 119°15(Popup 19903) (HD Channel Map)
9424ESPNESPN(140) HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9425ESPN2ESPN 2(143) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9426NFLNFL Network(154) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9427POPPop TV(117) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9428QVCQuality Value Choice(137) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9429NTGEONational Geographic(197) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9430TRUTru TV(242) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9431USAUSA Network(105) HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9432SYFYSyFy Channel(122) HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9433OWNOprah Winfrey Network(189) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9434MLBNMLB Network(152) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9435STARZStarz!(350) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9436CNNCNN(200) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9437TRVThe Travel Channel(196) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9438WEATHThe Weather Channel(214) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9439CNBCCNBC(208) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9442TENISThe Tennis Channel(400) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9443FYIFYI Channel(119) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9444HMMHallmark Movies and Mysteries(187) HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9445NATGWNational Geographic Wild(190) HRD 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9446WGNWGN America(239) H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9447COOKCooking Channel(113) HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9448GMSHWGame Show Channel(116) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9449RFDTVRFD TV(231) HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9450BBCABBC America(135) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9457AMERIDestination America(194) H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9458BUYTV(84-00) H 110°9(Channel Map)
9460SHO-EShowtime East(318) D 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9461HGTVHome & Garden TV(112) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9462FOODFood Channel(110) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9463TOONCartoon Network(176) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9464UPUplifting Entertainment(188) H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9465HSNHome Shopping Network(287) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9466NBCSPNBC Sports Network(159) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19917 -
9467NFLRZNFL Network Red Zone(155) 119°15(Popup 19917) (HD Channel Map)
9468FOXS1Fox Sports 1(150) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19904 -
9469MTVLMTV Live(369) HR O 110°13(Popup 19904) (HD Channel Map)
9470LIFELifetime(108) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9471LMNLifetime Movie Network(109) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9472MLBSZMLB Network Strike Zone(153) 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9473GOLFGolf(401) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9474E!E! Entertainment TV(114) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9475FXFX(136) HRD 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9476FOXBFOX Business News(206) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9477FXNWSFox News(205) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9479ENESPEncore Espanol(348) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9480SHOTOShowtime Too(320) HRD 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9481TMC-EThe Movie Channel East(327) D 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9482HLMRKHallmark Channel(185) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9483SPMANSportsman Channel(395) H O 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9484MTVMTV(160) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9485CMDYComedy Central(107) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19906 -
9486STZCStarz! Comedy(354) H 119°15(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
9487DISCDiscovery Channel(182) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9488TLCThe Learning Channel(183) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9489APLAnimal Planet(184) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9490SCIScience Channel(193) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9491HISTHistory Channel(120) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9492BRAVOBravo(129) HRD 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9493CMTCountry Music TV(166) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9494DISCFDiscovery Family(179) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9495CBSSNCBS Sports Network(158) H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9496SEDGEStarz! Edge(352) 110°13(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
9497SK&FMStarz! Kids & Family(356) H 119°15(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
9498STRZWStarz! West(351) HR 110°19(Popup 19906) (HD Channel Map)
9499TBSTBS(139) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9500BIG10Big Ten Network(410) HRD 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii Subchannel Mapdown (405-01) (HD Channel Map)
9503BITVBloomberg Interactive TV(203) HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
9504EPIXHEpix Hits(382) HRD 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9505ENCOREncore East(340) HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9506PARAMParamount Network(241) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9507VH1VH-1(162) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9508NBATVNBA TV(156) H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9509UNVSONBC Universo(838) H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9510BETBlack Entertainment TV(124) HR 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9511MSNBCMSNBC(209) HRD 129°6s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9512SHO-WShowtime West(319) HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9513SHBETShowtime BET(321) HRD 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9520FXXFXX(125) HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9521UNVSNUnivision(270) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9523TCMTurner Classic Movies(132) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9524HLNCNN Headline News(202) HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9525VICEViceland(121) H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9526IDInvestigation Discovery(192) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9527DIYDo It Yourself(111) HR 110°19 HR 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
 Popup 19903 -
9529SONYSony Movie Channel(386) HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (Popup 19903) (HD Channel Map)
9530ESNWSESPNews(142) HRD 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9531ESPNUESPN U(141) HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9532ICTV(Infomercials)(81-00) P 119°16(Channel Map)
9533EPIX1Epix 1(380) HRD 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9534EPIX2Epix 2(381) HRD 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9537ENCRWEncore West(341) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9538EWSTNEncore Western(342) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9540NHLNNHL Network(157) HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9542ESUSPEncore Suspense(344) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9545MESG1(900) H 119°10(HD Channel Map)
9546MESG2(901) H 119°10(HD Channel Map)
9556TUDNTUDN(856) H 110°19 H 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9557DISEDisney (East)(172) HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9558FRFMFreeform(180) HRD 110°19 HRD 129°16s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9560ESPNDESPN Deportes(854) HD 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9570AHCAmerican Heroes Channel(195) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9578WEWomen's Entertainment(128) HR 129°2s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9585LHNLonghorn Network(407) D 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9586LTD9 H 110°13
9587IFCIndependent Film Channel(133) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9588SUNDSundance(126) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9589FUSEFuse(164) HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
9590HOPRHopper How To(103)xip F 110°7(HD Channel Map)
9591SECSEC-ESPN Network(408) HRD 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (404-01+) (HD Channel Map)
9593ECC H 119°15
9595PBSPBS National Feed H 119°20
9596ETC10 H 110°8
9598D110Dish 500 Test Channelfree F 110°10
9602GLVSNGalavision HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
9603UNIMEUniMás (East) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii
9607CVAA H 119°13
9608RTLRRetailer Information(999) H 119°15(HD Channel Map)
9609FXDEPFox Deportes(855) HD 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9610FXMFX Movies(384) HD 110°22(HD Channel Map)
9611BEINbeIN Sport HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii
9612MGMMGM Movie Channel(385) HR 119°3sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9614REELZReelz(299) HR 119°4sA28Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9615BTVBusiness TV H 110°7
9616IPTU-Learn Inglés Para Todos(829) HR 129°4s55Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9618GACGreat American Country(165) H 110°13(HD Channel Map)
9619OTDCHOutdoor Channel(396) HR 119°1sA27Spot: Hawaii (HD Channel Map)
9620SMITHSmithsonian Channel(367) H 110°22(HD Channel Map)
Business TV Channels
9642FETVFamily Entertainment TV(82-00) P 110°10(Channel Map)
9643SMART(Advertising)(87-00) P 119°12(Channel Map)
9644RENEW(Advertising)(94-00) P 110°10(Channel Map)
9645DEAL(Advertising)(95-00) P 110°10(Channel Map)
9646QVC3(Advertising)(73-00) P 110°10(Channel Map)
9653WNWeather Nation(215) H 110°13(HD Channel Map)
9655KABC(DISH RV Distant) H 110°6
9656KCBS(DISH RV Distant) H 110°6
9657KNBC(DISH RV Distant) H 110°6
9658KTTV(DISH RV Distant) H 110°6
9671DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9672DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9673DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9674DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9675DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9676DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9677DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9678DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9679DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9680DISHDISH Info Channel H 110°13
9690SPORTPPV Sports H 119°17
9692BITVBloomberg Interactive TV H 110°21Subchannel Mapdown (623-03)
9694BITVBloomberg Interactive TV HR 110°13Subchannel Mapdown (623-03)
Commercial PPV Sports Channels
9696SPORTPPV Sports H 110°24
9697SPORTPPV Sports H 110°24
9698SPORTPPV Sports H 119°15
Racetrack TV Channels
9943OLYMPThe Olympics Channel(389) HR 110°13(HD Channel Map)
9995TUDNTUDN(397) H 110°19(HD Channel Map)

ITV Application Channels
12991BWRIN H 110°11
BWRIN H 110°17
12992BWRFV H 110°24
OTA EPG Channels (omitted)
16002AUD01Hitline H 119°20
16004AUD02Hot FM H 119°16
16005AUD1050s & 60s Hits H 119°20
16006AUD1050s & 60s Hits H 119°20
16007AUD1170s Hits H 119°21
16008AUD1280s Hits H 119°20
16009CD 8Backpages H 119°21
16010AUD01Hitline H 119°20
16014CD 5Songbook H 119°16
16015CD 1Screen Door H 119°12
16016AUD07Gumbo H 119°20
16019AUD1050s & 60s Hits H 119°20
16020AUD1280s Hits H 119°20
16021CD 11Feedback H 119°12
16022CD 11Feedback H 119°12
16023CD 4Jukebox Gold H 119°16
16024AUD13Shag Beach H 119°20
16025CD 10Rock Show H 119°16
16026CD 4Jukebox Gold H 119°16
16027CD 4Jukebox Gold H 119°16
16028CD 8Backpages H 119°21
16029CD 4Jukebox Gold H 119°16
16030CD 8Backpages H 119°21
16032CD 16Fiesta Mexicana H 119°19
16033CD 8Backpages H 119°21
16034CD 11Feedback H 119°12
16035CD 8Backpages H 119°21
16036CD 8Backpages H 119°21
16037CD 10Rock Show H 119°16
16038CD 10Rock Show H 119°16
16039CD 10Rock Show H 119°16
16040CD 10Rock Show H 119°16
16041CD 11Feedback H 119°12
16042CD 30Kingston H 119°17
16043CD 14Concrete Beats H 119°12
16044CD 14Concrete Beats H 119°12
16045CD 14Concrete Beats H 119°12
16046AUD15The Blvd. H 119°16
16047CD 14Concrete Beats H 119°12
16048AUD16Mo' Soul H 119°20
16049AUD16Mo' Soul H 119°20
16050AUD07Gumbo H 119°20
16051CD 9Strobe H 119°21
16052CD 17Frequency H 119°16
16053CD 17Frequency H 119°16
16054CD 9Strobe H 119°21
16055AUD03Expressions H 119°21
16056CD 3Nashville USA H 119°18
16057CD 3Nashville USA H 119°18
16058AUD14Country Music One H 119°17
16059CD 2Rawhide H 119°12
16060AUD14Country Music One H 119°17
16062CD 32Hawaiian H 119°20
16063CD 26The Light H 119°12
16064CD 26The Light H 119°12
16065CD 26The Light H 119°12
16066CD 19Impressions H 119°12
16067CD 18Jazz Traditions H 119°12
16068AUD06Moodscapes H 119°20
16069CD 24Easy Instrumentals H 119°12
16070AUD04Love Songs H 119°20
16071CD 6Unforgettable H 119°16
16072CD 25Swing Kings H 119°16
16073CD 25Swing Kings H 119°16
16074CD 29Lucille H 119°19
16075CD 22Ensemble H 119°12
16076CD 23Intermezzo H 119°18
16091LMUSCLa Musica (Spanish) H 119°20
16094VMARIViva Mariachi (Spanish) H 119°20
16095LMUSCLa Musica (Spanish) H 119°20
16096AUD04Love Songs H 119°20
ITV Application Channels
19000CSA 119°17
19048FTSYC 110°8
19049FTSYP 110°8
19140TRIGC 119°19 110°8
19141SBCVC 110°8
19230IADM 110°2
19241MLBAP H 119°16
19250GFOTV H 119°19
19268WNATT H 110°21
19269WNATI H 110°21
19281TRBL1 119°10
19282TRBL2 119°10
19283TRBL3 119°10
Popup Text Channels
19807TXT7TEXT H 119°19
19808TXT8TEXT H 119°19
19809TXT9TEXT H 119°19
19810TXT10TEXT H 119°19
19811TXT11TEXT H 119°19
19812TXT12TEXT H 119°19
19813TXT13TEXT H 119°19
19814TXT14TEXT H 119°19
19815TXT15TEXT H 119°19
19816TXT16TEXT H 119°19
19818TXT18TEXT H 119°19
19819TXT19TEXT H 119°19
19820TXT20TEXT H 119°19
19821TXT21TEXT H 119°19
19822TXT22TEXT H 119°19
19823TXT23TEXT H 119°19
19824TXT24TEXT H 119°19
19825TXT25TEXT H 119°19
19826TXT26TEXT H 119°19
19900BMG01TEXT H 119°12
19901BMG02TEXT H 119°12
19902BMG03TEXT H 119°12
19903BMG04TEXT H 119°12
19904BMG05TEXT H 119°12
19905BMG06TEXT H 119°12
19906BMG07TEXT H 119°12
19907BMG08TEXT H 119°12
19908BMG09TEXT H 119°12
19909BMG10TEXT H 119°12
19910BMG11TEXT H 119°12
19911BMG12TEXT H 119°12
19912BMG13TEXT H 119°12
19913BMG14TEXT H 119°12
19915BMG15TEXT H 119°12
19916BMG16TEXT H 119°12
19917BMG17TEXT H 119°12
19918BMG18TEXT H 119°12
19919BMG19TEXT H 119°12
19920BMG20TEXT H 119°12
19921BMG21TEXT H 119°12
19922BMG22TEXT H 119°12
19923BMG23TEXT H 119°12
19924BMG24TEXT H 119°12
19925BMG25TEXT H 119°12
19926BMG26TEXT H 119°12
19927BMG27TEXT H 119°12
19928BMG28TEXT H 119°12
19929BMG29TEXT H 119°12
19930BMG30TEXT H 119°12
20413INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20415INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20416INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20417INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20418INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20420INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20421INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20422INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20423INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20425INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20427INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20429INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20430INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20431INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20436INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20437INFOInfo Channel HD O 110°15
20439INFOInfo Channel HD 110°15
Video on Demand Channels
25001VOD Encore On Demand(340) H 119°13Network(encr) (Channel Map)
25002VOD Starz On Demand(350) H 119°13Network(strz) (Channel Map)
25003VOD Epix On Demand(380) H 119°13Network(epix) (Channel Map)
25004VOD History On Demand(120) H 119°13Network(hist) (Channel Map)
25006FINDR (152) H 119°13(Channel Map)
25008VOD FX On Demand(136) H 119°13Network(fx) (Channel Map)
25009VOD Comedy Central On Demand(107) H 119°13Network(cmdy) (Channel Map)
25010VOD Univision On Demand(827) H 119°13Network(uvsn) (Channel Map)
25011VOD National Geographic On Demand(197) H 119°13Network(ntgo) (Channel Map)
25012VOD ESPN On Demand(140) H 119°13Network(espn) (Channel Map)
25016SPREE (221) H 110°13(Channel Map)
25017VOD Showtime On Demand(318) H 119°13Network(show) (Channel Map)
25021LN (213) H 110°21(Channel Map)
25024YTB 'YTBE'(371) H 119°13Network(YTBE) (Channel Map)
25037NTFLX (302) H 110°13(Channel Map)
25039APV 'amzn'(301) H 110°22Network(amzn) (Channel Map)
25040UPFF 'vaup' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-86) Network(vaup)
25041CSTM 'vacs' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-15) Network(vacs)
25042OTVF 'vcof' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-69) Network(vcof)
25043DOVE 'vcdc' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-21) Network(vcdc)
25044DOCU 'vcdo' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-19) Network(vcdo)
25045CDYN 'vccd' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-10) Network(vccd)
25046GROK 'vcgr' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-33) Network(vcgr)
25047HERE 'vche' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-39) Network(vche)
25048CINF 'vccf' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-08) Network(vccf)
25049HOPS 'hops' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-43) Network(hops)
25050HIYA 'hiya' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-41) Network(hiya)
25051TCNP 'cnty' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-12) Network(cnty)
25052HLMN 'hmmn' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-37) Network(hmmn)
25053KARTN 'kgpl' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-52) Network(kgpl)
25054MGSL 'mgsl' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-59) Network(mgsl)
25055MANM 'manm' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-62) Network(manm)
25056WAGS 'wags' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-92) Network(wags)
25057MDOX 'mdox' H 119°13Subchannel Mapdown (296-22) Network(mdox)
25058APV 'amz2'(372) H 110°22Network(amz2) (Channel Map)
25068ACORN 'acrn' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-01) Network(acrn)
25069AMC+ 'amc+' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-03) Network(amc+)
25070COCNA 'coco' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-09) Network(coco)
25071ECHB 'ecbm' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-25) Network(ecbm)
25072IFCUN 'ifcf' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-46) Network(ifcf)
25073LMTN 'lmtn' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-56) Network(lmtn)
25074SHDDR 'shud' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-78) Network(shud)
25075SUNDN 'sndc' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-79) Network(sndc)
25076ALBLK 'umcs' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-83) Network(umcs)
25077WETV+ 'wtv+' H 110°22Subchannel Mapdown (296-93) Network(wtv+)
25080APP (Application) H 110°21
25081APP (Application) H 110°21
25082APP (Application) H 110°21
25083APP (Application) H 110°21
25084APP (Application) H 110°21
25085APP (Application) H 110°21
25086APP (Application) H 110°21
25087APP (Application) H 110°21
25411INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25416INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25417INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25422INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25425INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25430INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25431INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25437INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
25439INFOInfo Channel HD 110°14
26001VCADMsvod H 110°22
26002VCAHLsvod H 110°22
26003VC120svod H 110°22
26005VC200svod H 110°22
26006VC250svod H 110°22
26007VCLASsvod H 110°22
26011VCMSPsvod H 110°22
26012VCAFRsvod H 110°22
26013VCAHMsvod H 110°22
26014VCAPKsvod H 110°22
26016VCAJPsvod H 119°5sA27Spot: Hawaii
26017VCAGWsvod H 110°22
26018UPFFUP Faith & Familysvod H 110°22
26019CSTMCuriosityStreamsvod H 110°22
26020ZVODZee VODsvod H 110°22
26021OTVFOutside TV Featuressvod H 110°22
26022DOVEDove Channelsvod H 110°22
26023DOCUDocuramasvod H 110°22
26024CDYNComedy Dynamics Networksvod H 110°22
26025CST4svod H 110°22
26026GROKGrokkersvod H 110°22
26027HEREHere TVsvod H 110°22
26028VCAT5svod H 110°22
26029CINFFlixFling CineFestsvod H 110°22
26030HOPSHopstersvod H 110°22
26031HIYAHi-YAH!svod H 110°22
26032VCATDsvod H 110°22
26033ECHLsvod H 110°22
26034TCNPThe Country Network Plussvod H 110°22
26035HLMNHallmark Movies Nowsvod H 110°22
26036KARTNKartoon Channelsvod H 110°22
26037MGSLMagnolia Selectssvod H 110°22
26038MANMMonsters & Nightmaressvod H 110°22
26039WAGSWarriors & Gangsterssvod H 110°22
26040MDOXDOX Documentary Collectionsvod H 110°22
26041ECHBsvod H 110°22
26042LMTNsvod H 110°22
26043ACORNsvod H 110°21
26044AMCPRsvod H 110°21
26045COCNAsvod H 110°21
26046IFCUNsvod H 110°21
26047SHDDRsvod H 110°21
26048SUNDNsvod H 110°21
26049ALBLKsvod H 110°21
26050WETVsvod H 119°14
26051DSCAPsvod H 119°7
26052AMC+svod H 110°21
26053WETV+Kartoon Channelsvod H 110°21
26054BETPLsvod H 110°21
26055NOGGNsvod H 110°21
26056CINEMsvod H 110°21
26800SHAHsvod H 110°22
Internal Data Channels
30196NET H 119°19
30197IMAGE H 119°19
30198PTAT H 119°19
30199SCRUBS H 119°19
30200PPP 119°20 110°21
30201VMTRG 119°19 110°21
30202SXMAA H 119°19
30204OTABL H 119°19
30205YTBsvod H 110°22
30207APVsvod H 110°22
30208APVsvod H 110°22
30264WEATT H 119°14
31500KFUGDATA 119°14DATA 110°1
31510DLSVDATA 119°14DATA 110°1
36608GT150DATA H 119°17
36610ACTVTACTVT 119°17ACTVT 110°2
36700VODOn Demand Library H 110°21
36701MTDTAEPG 119°12
36702MTDT2EPG 110°1
36703MTDTAEPG 119°12
36848DNL2DATA 119°19
36849DNL1DATA 110°21
36851DNL9DATA 119°19
36852DNL11DATA 119°19
36853DNL12DATA 119°19
36854DNL10DATA 119°19
36855DNL7DATA 119°19DATA 110°21
36856DNL15DATA 110°6
36857DNL6DATA 119°19
36858DNL14DATA 119°19
36861EPGEPG 119°19EPG 110°21
36862EEPGEPG 119°18
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